Orange Ball Of Light Over Lake Meade, Pennsylvania

And the unexplained ORBL sightings continue.

July 2nd 2011 around 10:15pm EST We were on my parents pontoon boat fishing at Lake Meade, PA along with friends rafting together with their pontoon boat. When my brother saw a bright amber/orange/red glowing ball of light coming from the South West across to the North East. There wasn’t any wind and it continued a straight horizontal path without changing course or speed. Took about 2-3 minutes to pass over us. We continued to fish for about another hour when we got caught in a torrential downpour. So everyone brought in their lines and we raced back to the docks with docking lights on so we could see through the rain. As we approached the docks hovering above us was again this ball of light.

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One thought on “Orange Ball Of Light Over Lake Meade, Pennsylvania

  1. Seen the same thing tonight. I ran following it to the beach(Wasaga) where it went into the water about 200 yards in.
    I m at loss for words. This is my third visual in my 40 years.

    In between August 6 2011 from 12:50 – 1 am

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