Seattle UFO Credited To Space Junk

A UFO spotted over Seattle Washington on Tuesday, November 15th, 2011, has been credited to space junk, as The Seattle Astronomical Society told the Seattle Times that several pieces of space junk passed over Seattle Tuesday night — a military satellite and two Soviet rockets.

An email to the Times from someone who saw the object:

I just wanted to let you know what I saw on Tuesday evening. I was driving eastbound on 164th St SE near Mill Creek around 430pm. It was near sunset and I noticed a huge red light east over the foothills. There were 4 lights in a square that were pulsating. I had never seen anything like that so I continued driving east hoping to get a better view out east. However the trees were in the way and I couldn’t get up high enough to see over them. I gave up and went home thinking it was nothing. Then I read your blog today about the other ufo sightings. I wonder if anyone else saw that red light.

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