The Punta Gorda White Dragon

Originally left as a comment on a North Port Devil post, Annie tells the tale of thePunta Gorda White Dragon.

The Punta Gorda White Dragon has chosen to make telepathic contact with me and we have become close friends. He has invited me to come visit him.

I call him the Gargoyle, as he looks exactly like one. He is a pale-gray white with a pink hue to the skin. The skin is not covered in scales but has white raised dots like amphibian skin, and yes he is a good swimmer. He has a sharp beak, a long thin tongue, chubby fingers and toes, and a thick short tail that ends in a sharp point.

He has wings and can fly, he also uses his wings in body language. When you see Gargoyle standing upright with his arms and wings spread straight out to the sides, it is a sign of warning. His wings resting to the sides is a sign that he is calm. His eyes are red, and he likes to put his fingers and toes into his mouth to feel them, just like a parrot does. The Gargoyle smells like the leathery skin on a puppy dog, that baby smell.

To my astounded surprise, Gargoyle is the SWEETEST thing! He speaks in a way that is more like a child or a dog. Innocent, curious, and playful. He has expressed no signs of being evil or a monster of any kind. He is the gentlest and sweetest person I have ever known, across all races.

The White Dragon of Punta Gorda Florida is not the Devil. And let it be known, that if this “Tom” or anyone else is planning on harming the Punta Gorda Gargoyle, they will have to answer to me. I will protect his life with my own. For this creature speaks and has a soul and a personality, any intents of killing him are therefore to be regarded as seriously as an intent to kill a human being. For what makes us human, he has the same.

This is not an animal, he is a person with thoughts and a soul and he can communicate. Just because someone has a body that is different does not entitle us to harm it.

This creature came to me and we have a close very special bond. This Gargoyle is like my own child. I do not know by what rights I can claim him as “my own”, but I have adopted him into my heart and my protection. Any intents or attempts at harming the Punta Gorda Gargoyle and I will most definitely go to the police and you will be held responsible. I would prove that this is a conscious, sweet, and innocent creature that can speak.

He talks about things that he has seen there in the community. He talks about what he sees humans doing, or when humans play with a dog in the yard. He asks me why a dog has a collar, and he shows me a dog eating food from a bowl. Gargoyle wants me to come and play with him. He is nothing but Sugar and Sweet.

Please, he is not the Devil. People like Tom are. I am sure it is just a misunderstanding. Gargoyle speaks, he is a person. And I will go to the police and court if I ever had to, to earn him human rights and protection by law.

By what right do you call someone the Devil, and then plan on killing him? All because it is something you do not understand and who looks different from you. Gargoyle is in my heart. He is under my protection. And he is the sweetest thing.

Read more about my contacts with Gargoyle and other ET beings, on my website dedicated to them,

Please remember that I take any threats of harm to the Punta Gorda White Dragon as seriously as anyone intending harm to one of my own children.

I plan on starting a Foundation which spreads awareness and understanding of the Punta Gorda Gargoyle, and which acts to protecting this beautiful creature.

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