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WhalesInSpace.com is about pushing the edges of belief. We all have limits to what we believe is possible. Some people’s limits stop with hard physical provable science, some peoples limits stop with religion, most people combine paradigms and systems, lumping religions, sciences and their own feelings and experiences into a blend of how and what they accept as reality.

I have always been interested in the weird and strange phenomena.
UFOs, aliens, Mothman, Loch Ness, ghosts, Bigfoot, and the like have captured my attention and imagination since I was little.

I was brought up in a house hold that was very accepting of these things and I was encouraged to read and research these topics.

I grew up reading Charles Fort, Linda Moulton Howe, John Keel and Loren Coleman. I created my own theories and understanding of the connection between these often unexplainable things and the people who witness, believe, study, worship, and doubt them. I have had experiences with phenomena that would be classified as ghosts. I have seen, felt, and experienced things that make me believe there is more to our world that modern science will acknowledge.

I have also been a cynic, a skeptic and felt other people were allowing these wonderfully weird things to define them and that they become an excuse for insecurity, instability, and other human issues that they have nothing to do with. Except they do, because we witness these things, doubt them, report them, form religions around them and let them into our lives.

The term “Whales in Space” means overly fluffly, fanciful, new-age, fragile, and airy fairy.
The term ‘Airy Fairy’ is from the from Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s 1830 poem Lilian whose opening lines are:

Airy, Fairy Lilian,
Flitting, fairy Lilian,
When I ask her if she love me,
Claps her tiny hands above me,
Laughing all she can.

I was visiting a friend who was house sitting someone’s house while they were out of town. On the coffee table they had a new-age magazine that had an article on Dolphin Channeling and how our space brother Whales were coming back in their space to save earth or something. While I would sit here and ask you to open your mind to the concept of multiple time lines and interdimensional nature of UFOs and bigfoot, this whole ‘Whales In Space’ thing in the magazine was beyond my belief. But to some people, this is reality, as much as there are many who don’t believe the things I believe in.

So the site www.whalesinspace.com is dedicated to the weird and wonderful, the paranormal and odd, science and magic and everyone who has ever seen, heard, known, or felt something that can not be explained by the ordinary.

– Ryan Leisinger

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3 thoughts on “About WhalesInSpace.com

  1. I absolutly love this site everything I always sit there thinking of is on this site, I would say I’d pass it on but a lot of people jus laugh when I talk about these things but anyway this site is for people like us who ‘beleve’
    I love this site thanks 4 makin it

  2. I must be honest…..almost inherently, I do not believe in UFO’s. I must say that on occasion my curiosity/belief system is challenged…especially by “ancient aliens” and assorted other incidences…ie: the 4th kind. BUT (sorry for such cliche)…when people like the weirdo and his son in North Port FL, open their own website and use GOD/Jesus Christ to prostitute their wares…it diminishes my curiosity and almost leaves myself feeling victimized by a one dollar circus sideshow…or should I say a heretic circus side show. In their case the son was the “primary witness,” yet the father babbles on and coos in the background during a remedial video display(s) they say is evidence. Even more juvenile is the alleged footprint of satan himself….cloven hoofs and all.

    If there’s a question in my ramble….it has to be WHY?…why would a person or legitimate (questionable) group (MUFON) lend any credence to such buffoonery? Two of the continuing problems facing UFO research seems to be funding and the legitimization by the scientific community at large. Time to be rid of the monkeys! OR: at the least an answer to my “WHY” question PLEASE!…..
    thank you: G e Z

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