New Montauk Monster Found

Last summer, the Montauk Monster was all the rage in cryptozoology until Tom Biscardi’s Bigfoot Press Conference got us all more excited about Bigfoot DNA than a weird ass creature washed up on the beach up towards the Hamptons.

Photos and reports of a new Montauk Monster have surfaced, said to be from the shores of North Fork of Long Island from early May of this year.

Nicky Papers of was called to the scene and claims to have the body in “cooler full of ice”, I guess for later testing, poking, and prodding.

“The beast smelled like a mix of low-tide and rotten garbage. It really smelled horrific. I couldn’t help but take numerous pictures of it and video clips.”

As suggested, but never proved with the body from last summer, there may be a link between the creature and the nearby Plum Island Animal Disease Center.