Pamama Alien Creature Hits MainStream News – Sloth?

Is the Panama alien a sloth?
Is the Panama alien a sloth?

Wow, there has been a little media storm surrounding the weird alien looking creature photographed in Cerro Azul, Panama.

Honestly… It looks like a dead sloth. The long arms, the face, even the small amount of hair left on the stomach area looks pretty sloth like.

Can we say for sure its a sloth? No. Some DNA testing would be nice and should be fairly simple. Or just let someone who is familiar with sloths have a look at the thing. Check the teeth, check the bone structure.

But I guess “Boys In Panama Find Dead Sloth” wouldn’t be much of a new story.

First the CNN spot, which somehow resists mentioning that that the thing could be a sloth.

This story states that zoologist in Panama think the creature is a dead fetus of some sort… Also, not daring to say ‘sloth’ in the report.

As more details come out, it seems that the current story is that four boys between 14 and 16 years of age (reliable witnesses?) saw the creature, alive near a cave around Blue Hill, Pamama, which in in the Chagres National Park. It approached them, they killed it with rocks and sticks and later returned to take the picture that have been all over the internet.

Interesting point from that article about Blue Hill, in case anyone was wondering if there were native sloths in the areas.

This green flowery valley with colorful butterflies, toucans, colibris, and many other bird species, abundant wildlife such as: foxes, white-faced capuchin, ant-eater, sloth, squirrels, coatimundi, agouti, peccary and white-tailed deers, howler monkey, red spider monkey, jaguar, olingo, two-toed sloth, ocelot, jagarundi, harpy eagle and guan, colorful crickets and spiders, and a vast pure water river make this place a fantastic adventure.

FoxNews, who normally jumps on this kind of stuff pretty quick (they loved the Montauk Monster) doesn’t appear to have reported on the Panama alien sloth creature, but they are very busy with covering ACORN giving pimps tax advice right now