UFO Flap In Virginia After Stanley A. Fulham Prediction

In mid September, a retired NORAD Officer, Stanley A. Fulham, new book predicted a worldwide UFO display on October 13, 2010 and on October 13th, mysterious shiny objects floating over Manhattan spark UFO frenzy.

This mass UFO sighting was credited to balloons that had escaped an engagement party, even though the descriptions, videos, and photos by the witnesses did not match a group of balloons.

On October 12th, a UFO the ‘size of a Cessna’ was seen floating 100 feet off the highway near Newport News, Virginia. The witness describes the encounter in MUFON Case # 25864.

But I looked at the object in great detail. It was not a chopper. Then I thought it may be a fighter jet standing still in air..But as I drove past it, I find the shape to be amusing. It has features extending below its body like a stand, several of them and there were lights around them. I am certain that it was not a fighter jet due to its peculiar shape.

The next day, October 13th, a floating ‘black box’ was reported to MUFON, again from a Virginia resident.

My wife and I were cleaning up after dinner. She was emptying the dishwasher, stood up and said “What’s that?” pointing to a green light between the leyland cypress trees in our back yard. I saw the light, stepped over to the door and out onto the back porch. Dark night. I thought a plane was landing in the field, or maybe a helicopter. The light passed our trees and was behind the neighbor’s house as another green light appeared between the trees. This green light had a red flashing light adjacent to it. I stepped off of the porch and hurried over to the neighbor’s fence where there were no trees so I could get a better look. Looked at my blackberry, it was 8:10 PM. Something wasn’t making sense – and I realized there was no sound. Nothing like a plane 100 yards away. Certainly nothing like a helicopter flying by 100 yards away. I watched both of the lights and it just didn’t register. There was a long black box between the 2 sets of lights. Maybe 100 to 150 feet long. If it was an airplane after the front of it passed I shouldn’t have been able to see the front lights but I still could. Later I wondered if the lights were on one side. Whatever it was it was moving rapidly. Within a minute it was out of sight. I emailed my neighbors to ask if anyone else had seen it but so far I can find no one that has.

UFOs were seen over Richmond, Virginia for up to four hours on October 16th and 17th.

Richmond and Henrico County have a history of UFO activity, with documented sightings dating back to 1947 and 1966.

Virginia UFO Documentary Seeks Witnesses

Virginia UFO documentary makers are looking for eyewitnesses who are interested in telling their UFO stories on a documentary they are beginning to film in January of 2010. If you are from the Virginia area and have a similar experience please contact them at


This could be your chance to have your story told.

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