Dolphin Channeling

Got $20?
get some dolphin channeling
Facilitated by Trance Medium Rev. Cynthia Williams, “The dolphins teach their lessons of love and kindness by using their own experiences in the sea. Many energies and forces are available when Cynthia channels the dolphins including whales, mermaids, starfish, lobster, manta rays and more. You can ask to speak to anything that is in the ocean…even the ocean herself.”

Wow, thats a lot for $20.

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One thought on “Dolphin Channeling

  1. After my dolphin lover died, I channeled her for a while, caused me a lot of mental problems because although I still loved her she was, uh, dead. I found her to be a lot more convincing while she was still alive and could push me to the bottom of her pool if I refused to let her masturbate on my sneakers.

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