Whales In Space Two Year Anniversary

Its our two year Anniversary!!!
Another weird year has gone by, over 200 posts for our second year.

Our second year started with a bang, with the massive, yet generally unreported, worldwide July 4th 2009 UFO flap. The July 4th Orange Balls of Light were followed quickly by Mike Rowley’s Northport Devil. The phenomenon were first reported in April of 2009, but we didn’t pick up the story until mid August. Sights continue on Rowley’s property today.

In September, guest journalist Ashley Weller covered the The Galactic Gathering’ Conference from Denver, Colorado, including insight on talks by Sheldan Nidle and the always controversial Stan Romanek.

In November, we covered the Bigfoot Central $1,000,000 Hunt for Bigfoot that was to be held near Silverton, Colorado, July 10-14, 2010 which later turned out to be a bust.

The Spiral UFO Over Norway hogged the weird news in December and the new year brought a werewolf sighting in the always weird Cannock Chase and bringing us that much closer to the much anticipated return of Nibiru in 2012.

The spring brought us Mystery Booms reported in Colchester IL, Portland OR, and Bellingham WA and more Sasquatchploitation than we could follow.

And what to expect from the 3rd Year of Whales In Space?

I expect 2012 weirdness to continue to ramp up, more Orange Balls of Light, more bigfoot, some unidentified dead creatures and I’m sure some weirdness I couldn’t come up…

Hang on, there is more weird coming!

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‹undert22› iv always wanted to learn about of other things of life because earth and humans are boring
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‹undert22› extraterrestrials are geniuses they have space craftxs that can fly without gas that can use a power source that can help mankinds pollution problem

So true, so true

Best WhalesInSpace.com Comment Of The Year


Thanks to Mark Taylor for the Best WhalesInSpace.com Comment Of The Year

I wonder if The Aliens Are Bi Sexual Cos Me & My Staff at Mt’s Motorcycles Doncaster Like _______ Aliens HAHA, Were all Mad & Totally GAY!

Are they making fun of us? I don’t freakin’ care!!!

That is the stuff the internet is made of.

So if you are in the neighborhood of Ltd 2 Ings Road, Doncaster, South Yorkshire DN5 9SN, United Kingdom, stop in and visit the boys at M T Motorcycles and tell them Whales In Space sent you.

I will be crafting some sort of award to send them. Maybe we’ll call them the Whaleys or somthing…

Whales In Space One Year Anniversary

Its been one year since WhalesInSpace.com launched in its current format and what a year in the world of weirdness it has been.

Highlights would have to be the Tom Biscardi’s RickMat Bigfoot Press Conference and when it was revealed to be a hoax. Whales In Space was able to get a reporter to the conference and cover the event as it happened. I still think there is more to this story that was never discussed, except in the private conversations between cryptozoologists and and those who pay very close attention to these things. Also the Blossom Goodchild October 14th UFO prediction stands out as one of the most interesting stories of Whales In Space’s first year.

The February 15th Texas Fireball caught on video and the amazing number of other Fireball sightings and mysterious sonic booms before and after wards also caught the worlds attention.

Also in the first year, we saw the rise of sasquatchploitation, multiple black balloon cluster UFO sightins, two Montauk Monsters and the possible return of batsquatch or at least some clarification to the story.

And still going one, with reports still coming in, the Orange Ball of Light (ORBL) sightings over the UK. If these are just chinese lanterns, I would suggest buying some stock in a chinese lantern company, because sales are up.

A big thanks to everyone who read a post, who made a comment, who sent in photos and stories and tips. A big thanks to everyone who linked to our site.

In the first year we had 200 posts exploring the weirdness of aliens, UFOs, exopolitics, cryptozoology, other paranormal fortean phenomenon, and ultraterrestrial activities. I expect the next year to bring weirder yet stories.

Dolphin Channeling

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Wow, thats a lot for $20.

Beamed Into Space: Whale Songs

Beamed Into Space: Whale Songs
With out doubt, one of the most exciting things to happen to Whales in Space since the Extraterrestrial Cetacean Commonwealth brought our space brothers to earth long ago took place on Earth Day April 22 2005.


The Sirius Institute, a private organization, organized the event, sending prerecorded and live streamed Whale Sound some 3.5 light years into space.

More info at – Beamed Into Space: Whale Songs