Bigfoot found – DNA evidence to prove Rickmat carcass on Friday

I guess we just wait until the Friday Press Conference from Palo Alto to find out what these Bigfoot hunters found in Northern Georgia. Calling the 7-feet tall and 500 pounds body Rickmat, bigfoot hunters from claim to have something with 16 ¾ inches long flat feet, like a human feet.

Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer, Georgia residents who lead Bigfoot-tracking expeditions, say they found the body of what appears to be a Bigfoot in the woods of northern Georgia and will join local Bigfoot researcher Tom Biscardi at the news conference, according to Robert Barrows, who is publicizing the event. is probably getting a lot of traffic this today.
I just got a ‘Network Timeout’ error.

Results of DNA and other tests will be released Friday
Could this be it?

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4 thoughts on “Bigfoot found – DNA evidence to prove Rickmat carcass on Friday

  1. I’ve been looking foarwrd to the release of IN SEARCH OF SASQUATCH since I heard about it several months ago. Not to brag, but cryptids ARE fascinating.I’m also looking foarwrd to any insights ALIEN INVESTIGATION might provide about my friend Morzant the Alien. He’s a strange one.

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