Bigfoot Captured On Trail Cam In Anaheim Hills

A trail camera in Anaheim Hills was left in a car to capture video of coyotes who have been eating the local cats caught something else… bigfoot!

The video is said to have been taking facing west on the corner of Sundance Drive and Brightstar

Bigfoot’s Toenail Found in Arizona

Could a toenail found in Northern Arizona be proof of bigfoot? That is what the Arizona Cryptozoological Research Organization is trying to figure out with DNA testing of a toenail found by Alex Hearn. DNA results from 2013 seem to trace the genetic line of the nail back 1300 years, to “A 100 percent human female, mixed with a male of an unknown species,”. That male… Bigfoot.

Bigfoot's toenail

A site claiming to be ‘A watchdog for the exploitation of bigfoot and sasquatch in film, tv, books, internet and other media’, features blog posts and snippets on various Bigfoot topics.

The Movies & Films section is called the BMDB or Bigfoot Movie Data Base and with the massive backlog of sasquatchploitation, it is expected to swell with content.

Other sections include Bigfoot on TV Classics & Sasquatch Stuff.

Could This Video Of A Bear Walking Upright Explain Dozens Of Bigfoot Reports?

Olympia Beer Offers 1 Million Dollars For Bigfoot

Olympia Beer, which no longer has anything to do with Olympia, Washington or the Pacific Northwest, has launched its Capture Bigfoot project, which offers 1 million dollars for the safe return of bigfoot.

The site offers the ability to enter a sighting or a capture report. Don’t forget the rules:

$1 Million Search For Bigfoot




If an eligible individual believes that he/she has found irrefutable evidence of Bigfoot in accordance with these Official Rules during the Contest Period, he/she must visit the website at (the “Website”) during the Contest Period, click on “Submit Capture Report,” complete the registration information required, provide a brief description of the evidence, check that you have read and agree to these Official Rules, and click on “Submit Capture Report.” Sponsor and/or a representative of same will contact all individuals submitting a Capture Report in compliance with these Official Rules within thirty (30) days of submission. Next steps will be determined by the Sponsor and/or a representative of same and/or the Judging Panel depending on the quality and type of evidence presented. Eligible entrants must follow all instructions of Sponsor and/or its representative in their entirety in order to have their evidence considered for the Prize. In the event an eligible entrant does not comply with the instructions of the Sponsor and/or its representative as directed, such eligible entrant will be disqualified.

The evidence required to qualify for a prize claim must be such as to satisfy a panel comprised of three (3) independent experts (the “Judging Panel”) as to the irrefutable existence of Bigfoot at some time during the period beginning January 1, 1989 through March 31, 2014. The Sponsor has the sole right to select the persons that will act as the Judging Panel. The Judging Panel’s decisions are final and binding as to all determinations made in relation to this Contest and the evaluation of all evidence. The Sponsor and/or Judging Panel may ask any person submitting a claim to send his/her samples and/or evidence to an independent third party selected by the Judging Panel and/or Sponsor for evaluation and/or testing. Such evaluation/testing shall be at the sole expense of the individual submitting such evidence, and Sponsor and/or Judging Panel may require any such expense to be paid in advance of such evaluation/testing being conducted. If any person submitting evidence refuses or fails to pay any such expense, their entry will be rejected and disqualified.

For purposes of this Contest, “Bigfoot” refers to a previously undiscovered species of upright, bipedal hominid, native to North America existing contemporaneously with the Contest Period or the twenty-five (25) year period immediately prior to the Contest Period. There is no set type or amount of evidence required to establish proof for purposes of this Contest other than that all evidence presented must satisfy the Judging Panel. Evidence may include, but is not limited to DNA Evidence. DNA Evidence may include hair, blood, tissue or saliva that proves the DNA sequence of the donor shows that said donor resides in the primate evolutionary family tree, among other apes or hominids, but does not have the same genetic markers and DNA sequence as any known species. Evidence may also include “Visual Proof” of a live physical body. Physical remains may be considered as evidence provided that it can be conclusively demonstrated that the date of death pre-dated the Contest Period. Visual Proof shall not include footprints, bone fragments, inconclusive skeletal remains, or any other non-definitive evidence of the existence of Bigfoot. Any photo or video taken with photographic or video equipment is not sufficient to qualify as evidence in and of itself for consideration in the Contest, but may be considered as supporting evidence.


StubbyThe site does promote the The Falcon Project, which claims to be ‘The most penetrating search for Sasquatch/North American Ape ever conducted in North America.’

Olympia Beer hasn’t been made anywhere near Olympia Washington for almost 10 years, but MillerCoors/Pabst has kept the brand alive, profiting from the label. Olympia Beer is now manufactured by MillerCoors at a plant in Irwindale, California.

As an Olympia resident, friend of bigfoot, and once consumer of many Oly Stubbies, I find the whole thing a bit insulting. I next expect Portlandia to do a skit on it, taking some sort of credit for something else from Olympia.

White Thing Sighting From Early Seventies

Originally posted as a comment Tales of the White Thing.

I am from Eastern Kentucky, Johnson county. I grew up in the early seventies hearing stories about the White Thing. It was supposed to be a large apelike creature that walked on two legs. It was said to scream like a woman and most encounters were said to be near the river. I knew an elderly couple (in their seventies at the time) who told me about their encounter. It was supposed to have happened in the 1950′s, one night the couple’s dogs were stirred up something awful and before the husband could go outside to investigate, they saw a huge white creature standing outside the window. And it started scratching on the window. By the time the husband got his gun, it was gone. The next morning they actually found scratch marks deep on the glass of the window. Now this couple was a God fearing couple, who believed lying or even making up tales was the devils work. So I am convinced they did not make the story up and believed that it actually happened.

White Thing