Chupacabra phenomenon

The whole Chupacabra phenomenon is an odd one.
The current ‘Texas’ descriptions and accounts don’t match the original reports from Puerto Rico.
I believe there are two separate phenomenon going on here and they are connected by the word and a common factor witnessed after sighting of both ‘creatures’.
The Texas Chupacabra is more a mutant dog thing, still exhibiting some of the creepy practices of its distant Puerto Rican cousin but physically very different. The Puerto Rican Chupacabra is more like a Grey Alien than a canine. Both are tied to animal mutilation and disappearances, with the specifics of having the blood drained from the victim often being the same in both cases.
Texas loves their Chupacabra. Multiple dead bodies have been found, photographed, sampled, and tested.

And now… Witnessed and video taped by a Sheriff.

When that thing turns its head sideways…

But why two different phenomenon being lumped together?

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