More Mid October UFO Predictions

Previously we reported on Blossom Goodchild’s prediction of an UFO over Alabama on October 14th
Well someone else is getting in on the Mid October UFO prediction business

From an email we received

I got the following from Warren that takes the 10-14 ‘First Contact’ to an entirely new level. It certainly exciting any way you slice this…

These aren’t videos in the traditional sense, but the paintings shown through the dialogue are spectacular. Sit back, ponder the possibility that none of this superficial drama that surrounds us will even matter a month from now, and open your mind to the possibilities…

Thank you so much for sharing this Warren…

This might be of interest to you if you havent already seen it.

This two part youtube message gives detailed information about the large lightship that will be showing up in our skies before the end of the year, possibly as early as mid October.

Magenta Pixie introduces Zingdad of who channels “Adamu” bringing forth information regarding the timeline where a large lightship shall be visible to us around mid-october this year.

For more information on 14th October Lightship listen to Rysa and MagentaPixie discuss this issue on and click on the archive entitled “MagentaPixie2012 Expanding the GoldRing”

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3 thoughts on “More Mid October UFO Predictions

  1. Well, No ships yet? Maybe the ship is using a reflector mirror device to mirror whats around it, so that the people are not aware of the presence.
    I think it is sitting right in the midst awaiting an OK from higher uppers, to turn off the mirror/reflector device and it will appear as if it just materialized. What do you think?

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