The United Kingdom appears to be in the midst of a little UFO Flap. Maybe its the fact Britain Released those UFO Reports or maybe its the 2009 paranormal conference at the Athenaeum Theatre that features some of the top speakers in Ufology, The Paranormal, Crop Circle Research and Folklore from the UK and the USA. What ever it is, the skys over the UK has been hot with sighting since the middle of October.

October 17 – Teesside – ‘UFOs’ spotted in the skies over Teesside

October 18 – Southwater – UFOs spotted at Southwater

October 19 – Saxmundham – ‘Phenomenon’ spotted in Suffolk skies

October 22 – Tesco in Oakham – We saw the UFO

October 22 – Uppingham – Did you spot Rutland’s UFO?

October 23 – Worthing – UFO over Worthing

October 27 – Dysart Road, Grantham – ‘Star of Bethlehem’ UFO Observed

October 31 – Filton – UFO photographed over Filton

November 7 – Bristol – UFO photographed shooting red beams of light to the ground in Bristol

Thats a fairly busy 3 weekes. Lets keep our eyes on the UK press for more sighting next week.

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