UFO Caught On NASA Live Feed Again

Again a UFO is caught on a NASA live feed and again the feed mysteriously cuts out, very similar to what happened in July of 2016 and April as well.

NASA ‘cuts live feed from international space station’ after mysterious object appears on camera

John Craddick, from Wolverhampton UK, reported the object and feed being cut.

“I was showing a friend how it worked at around 11.30pm when the feed cut out, and 35 seconds after it came back on, this object appeared… At first it was really small and then it grew bigger, lasting for about 25 seconds”

Werewolf sightings in Hull – Old Stinker is Back

Something big and weird is lurking around the country side near Kingston upon Hull, England. The city of a 1/4 million residents, more commonly called Hull, has a rich history of mysterious beast sightings, calling the creature ‘Old Stinker’. A flap of reports in May of 2016 has gotten the local on edge and rumors of an organized hunt for the beast on the next full moon circulate thru town.

Descriptions of ‘Old Stinker’ match the recent werewolf like reports, a big creature, possible as tall as 8 feet, seen on both two feet and running on all fours, with both human and wolf characteristics. One report has the creature leaping over an tall fence with something in its mouth, another has it getting caught snacking on a large dog, possibly a shepherd. Several reports have occurred near the Barmston Drain, leading local to believe the creature may have taken up residence there.
Barmston Drain

Old Stinker is thought to roam an area called Wold Newton Triangle, an area known for weirdness, including UFO sightings, ghosts, zombies and more.
Wold Newton Triangle map

Orange Ball Of Light UFO Over Crookston, Glasgow

From a recent comment on Whales In Space

last night on the 17th of december 2010 i seen an orange ball of light around the Crookston area of Glasgow did anyone see this, ive also noticed some strange lights in the sky that are a lot diffrent from the orange balls with a lot of diffrent activity one sighting included two white lights coming from quite a far distance apart one from the left one from the right when they met in the middle they seemed to disapear this was in fact not the last time i would see this activity i used to watch and see the same thing happen almost every other week. people dont seem to notice these lights i think a lot of people just think they are normal aircraft and dont actually watch them but there is some weird lights in the sky over Glasgow. has anyone else noticed this?

"Marsh Gas & Weather Balloon Apologists Need Not Reply!" – More ORBL UFOs Over Peterborough UK

Hot off the press, more orange ball of light UFOs over Peterborough UK on August 22nd, 2010.

This report was left as a comment on a previous Whales In Space post.

More orange balls seen over Walton area in Peterborough last evening 22/08/10. Lighting up the sky and moving off towards the east at very high speed. Returned at least four times, only to shoot off again. Several family members witnessed this. Certainly not street lamp reflections, lazers, helicopters, chinese laterns, hot air balloon burners, aircraft lights, fuel dumping, afterburners etc. These were like mini suns and quick. Orange balls have been reported around this area for many many years, be interested to hear if anybody has a plausible explanation. The marsh gas & weather balloon apologists need not reply !

Should We Be Looking For Artificial Extraterrestrial Intelligence?

The BBC reports on SETI astronomer Seth Shostak recent suggestion that the odds favor detecting alien artificial extraterrestrial rather than extraterrestrial biological life.

This is an interesting suggestion, especially given the idea that such visitors to our planet, namely the creepy short grey aliens made so famous by Whitley Strieber, are already thought to be androids/robots/somethings by some in the UFO & alien abduction world.

Also, multiple science fiction greats have written about robots being the first wave of alien contact, from Harry Bates’ Gort (Gnut) in ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’ (based on the short story “Farewell to the Master”) and H.G Wells’ Martian Tripods in ‘The War of the Worlds’ alien robots made contact with earth before or along with their extraterrestrial creators.

Sea Serpent Photographed Off British Coast

On July 27 2010, Gill Pearce spotted a mysterious creature about 30 yards off the Devon coast at Saltern Cove, Paignton. First thought to be a turtle, photographs reveal something that is too long to be anything normally found in those waters.

The creature appears to be a greenish-brown beast with the reptile-like head is far too long for it to be a turtle.

Fish in the area were said to have beached themselves to escape the mysterious creature, very strange behavior for sure.

Saltern Cove, Paignton is about 200 miles south west of London on the southern coast of England on Tor Bay.