UFO sighting in Elderslie

The UK has been hot hot hot with UFO sighting in the past months.
Now we get a sighting from the sky above Renfrewshire. Two residents reported several glowing orange-coloured objects moving around as they tailed planes coming in and out of Glasgow Airport.

Renfrewshire is becoming a bit of a hotbed for sightings. Brian Vike, director of the HBCC UFO Research organisation commented to the Paisley Daily Express

This year, there appears to have been an increase in sighting reports coming in and many of these are of orange-coloured objects or lights.

In Renfrewshire, there are sightings being reported but, for each case, there may be many more UFO sightings not being reported for many reasons.

People are afraid that their personal information will be made public and then the ridicule starts and, at times, it can become frustrating and down right annoying for the person who is just reporting what they saw.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence said they had no reports of suspicious activity above Glasgow Airport.

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One thought on “UFO sighting in Elderslie

  1. Well, I live in Elderslie but did not know of this. I have seen no glowing orange balls in the sky. I have seen the Police helicopter hovering over Johnstone Castle and, of course, all the aircraft going to/from Glasgow Airport. I believe in SETI and that there must be something,, somewhere. I just don’t think it is that common. Just my 2 cents worth.

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