12 Days Of Paranormal Christmas – Day 2 – Santa Is An Alien

Santa Claus is an alien.

The figure that so many western children wait for to bring gifts on December 25th is most likely based on a visitor from another planet. I will proceed to list some observations connecting Santa and his alien origin below.

Exhibit A – Physical appearance. Santa wears a red suit. This suit could be a space suit. It is sometimes reported by those who claim to have seen aliens, that the aliens were wearing space suits of various descriptions. His distinct hat looks much like the sideways stepping gnome from South America.
Santa beard could be a breathing apparatus or could be an actual beard. The Sumerian’s Nephilim were sometimes depicted with beards.

Exhibit B – Santa is from the far north or “land of perpetual snow”, this is very much like Billy Meier and George Adamski’s Nordic aliens. Santa also fits the physical description of these aliens.

Exhibit C – Santa has unexplainable ‘alien’ technology. Santa’s sled, with its ability to travel around the entire world in one night sounds like it can travel thru both space and time like many UFO reports. Santa has a list of who has been naughty and who has been nice. A database of information like that and how the information is gathered is reminiscent of stories of aliens tracking individuals and gaining information by abductions and observing them. Santa also has the ability to enter your home. While the Santa legend has him sliding down the chimney, its more likely teleportation and sounds like many abduction stories.

Exhibit D – He has ‘elves’ working for him. Santa’s elves sound a lot like the small grey aliens who are reported in many alien abductions reports. Sometimes, it is reported that small greys seem to work for Nordic type alien, also matching Santa’s relationship with his elves.

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2 thoughts on “12 Days Of Paranormal Christmas – Day 2 – Santa Is An Alien

  1. Santa is not an alien! Santa FIGHTS aliens! Have you not seen SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS! Pia Zadora is the alien! Pia Zadora is the alien! Pia Zadora is the alien!

  2. wow… this is the STUPIDEST thing i have read in a long time.

    santas not even f**king real, how could he be an alien? god, this is bullsh*t.

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