12 Days Of Paranormal Christmas – Day 1

Our 12 Days of Paranormal Christmas will take you right up to Christmas with gift ideas, book and movie reviews and various other weird Whales In Space Christmas-ness.

We’ll start with a classic.
X-Files Box Set
For a hefty price of $274.99 you get a 61 disc box set of all nine seasons of the TV series that brought paranormal to the masses and got everyone talking government conspiracy in the 90’s. With episodes that borrow from John Keel, Loren Coleman, the UFO crash at Roswell, Whitley Strieber and more, there is more than enough monsters, villains, aliens, and government bad guys to keep you entertained for the rest of winter.

Recommended viewing
Season One – E.B.E.
Season Two – Little Green Men
Season Three – Jose Chung’s From Outer Space


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