Black Eyed People

I don’t subscribe to the ‘pray to God for protection’ and the ‘aura of evil’ part of this article on, but there is a certain creepiness factor that I will credit them with.

Who or what are these Black eyed beings that there are so many reports of?

Ted Twietmeyer lists some characteristic and reports in the article, ‘Are Black-Eyed Beings Walking Among Us?

* Sometimes the adult or child dresses in attire to fit into the local population, but odd variations can also cause the black-eyed person to stand out. Eyewitness accounts have stated that the clothing is either overly neat as though they are from a by-gone era, or have strange color combinations.

* Black-eyed beings may dress in black or dark clothes

* Evil is a common characteristic that eyewitnesses often sense from both black-eyed children and adult beings. However, this feeling is not experienced by every eyewitness.

* In public places such as restaurants or airport gate waiting areas, often people will not sit anywhere near them especially after making eye contact.

* A common occurrence among children with black eyes is to ask permission to enter a vehicle or a home. Apparently there are certain laws these beings must follow, such as being invited in. What’s interesting is that this law requiring permission is known to apply to supernatural evil, such as demons. If laws ruling supernatural interference did not exist, then all of humankind would be in utter chaos and terror, and society could never develop to the level of what it is today.

* Black-eyed adults could be related to the “Men in black” (MIB) who have also appeared with pitch black eyes to intimidate UFO witnesses. MIB often appeared to those who make it past a close encounter of the first kind. There haven’t been any new accounts of MIB visits in recent years that I know of.

The sense of evil reminds me of the heighten fear felt by some witnesses of Mothman and reports from those who claim to be abducted by aliens. I suggest this is because these being are operating more in the infrared light spectrum for communication and information.

More blacked people stories:

8 thoughts on “Black Eyed People

  1. The black eyes are definitely creepy…. kind of reminds me of the demons off that show “Supernatural”. If these accounts are true then it could very well be a human who was possessed by something evil. Possibly can’t take full form on the human realm so it needs a host body to hunt…. just a thought

  2. I think this is a natural phenomenon and people’s feelings of evil when they see it are just a natural physiological reponse to something perceived as unnatural. When my daughter was born and she was less than a day old (I was still in the hospital), I opened my eyes to find her staring straght at me, unblinking. Her eyes were completely black. I gasped, blinked, and then reaized that no, her eyes were normal, her pupils were just huge in her little baby eyes. She’s now 10 years old and a perfectly normal, loving and church-going little girl who never exhibited any signs of non-human or possession behavior. We sometimes see people that have large eyes and you can see the white or eye around the entire pupil. I think the blackness is the opposite – small eye sockets, abnormally large pupils and a lack of blinking (something most people probably wouldn’t perceive right off) combined with a trick of the lights.

  3. In 1993 I met a black eyed woman on High Street in Columbus, Ohio. It was near a TeeJay’s restaurant. I felt an energy and my mind seemed to become heightened, then connected with something. I looked up met the eyes of a woman with pure black eyes that looked most like a shark. I stared straight into her eyes and the connection I felt was more apparent, she audibly gasped as if in shock, turned and quickly walked off. I was in a state of disbelief, not much because of her physical appearance, but because of the incredibly strange feeling, the connection, and her strong reaction. This was during the daytime on a relatively crowded street. I am not an intimidating or threatening man, and was at the time quite young.

  4. Daniel:
    I find it interesting that your encounter happened in 1993. Several sites about black-eyed people claim that the first sighting was in 1998 by some journalist, who spoke with two black-eyed boys. I’m sorry I can’t recall his name, but it was in the U. S.

  5. Hello. I’ve read your very entertaining post about black eyed children and I need to point you to a blog that speaks about them (but mostly about vampires) in a very different way.

    It connects them straight with vampires, and it’s a very interesting story to read.

    The blog is

  6. Daniel–
    I’ve been reading about these people for a few days now and the whole time I’ve just been asking myself none of them locked them in the eyes. Staring them down is the first thing I would have done. If anyone could tell me more stories about these people I would love to hear it. You can find me here—

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