Ghost At Australian IGA Caught Throwing Things On Camera

Security cameras at a Brompton, South Australia IGA have caught several objects being thrown across the store without a known cause.

According to shop owner Norm Hurst, the store is haunted, or so he was warned by the previous owner.
“The previous owners told me it was haunted,” Hurst told Adelaide Now. “I thought, ‘Yeah, whatever.’ But since we’ve owned the place, strange things have happened.”

Fruit Roll-Ups are among the mysterious moving objects.

Wem Town Hall Ghost Girl Mystery Solved?

On November 19, 1995, the Wem Town Hall in Shropshire was destroyed by a fire. Amateur photographer Tony O’Rahilly took several photos and after developing his film, O’Rahilly produced a picture of a ghostly young girl wearing old fashioned clothes standing amid the flames.

The photograph – nicknamed the ‘Wem Ghost’ got world wide attention and some claimed it was an apparition of 14-year-old Jane Churm who accidentally set fire to the town hall in 1677.

O’Rahilly, who died in 2005, always denied doctoring the photograph, but now Brian Lear claims he has seen the image before, in a post card from 1922 that was printed in a local paper.

Wem Ghost
Post Card
Side By Side

The head dress, the front of the shirt and belt match up very well. Oddly, face is more defined on the Wem Ghost photo.

The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena and Dr. Vernon Harrison, of the Royal Photographic Society, previously analyzed the print and negative. Both parties were convinced it wasn’t a fake, a film glitch and was in no way altered or tampered with.

I’m not convinced this is a hoax.


Bottled Ghosts For Sale

For sale: ‘Two captured ghosts, trapped inside bottles of holy water to make them sleepy’

New Zealand resident Avie Woodbury has trapped two ghosts into bottles, lulling them asleep with holy water.

‘The holy water dulls the spirits’ energy, sort of puts them to sleep’ Woodbury says.

They sold for $2,830.00 on

Good thing there are a few other places you can get a ghost in a bottle. will hook you up for $20 (it seems their order page is down right now) and you get a Ghost Certificate.

There are some warnings too

If you open or break your bottle you may experience any or all of the following:
• A voice out of nowhere.
• Muffled Moans and Groans for long periods of time during the day or night.
• Doors opening or closing slowly.
• A feeling someone is following you around your home.
• The T.V. volume Increases or Decreases by itself.
• Water left running at the sink.
• The feeling someone is watching you.
• Noises leading into or out of rooms that no one is present in.
• A unfamiliar smell of perfume or cologne.
• Small items moved (favorite items to move are shoes, car keys, T.V. remote and jewelry).
• Lights coming on or going off by themselves.
• Electrical appliances coming on by themselves (sometimes they are not even plugged in).
• Phone calls (yes, sometimes they call).
• Your night light may be turned off during the night.
• Bed covers pulled off you, or your pillow may be tossed on the floor during the night.
• Touches (light pat on the back, the touch can be warm or cold).
• Activity will usally peak around 3:00 am in the morning or on rainy days.
You may experience other Ghostly situations not stated above.

Wow, sounds like quite a few houses I have lived in.

Daylight UFO Sighting Over Cannock Chase

Cannock Chase Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Located between Cannock, Lichfield, Rugeley and Stafford sits the ‘Cannock Chase Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’, a mixture of natural deciduous woodland, coniferous plantations, open heathland, several war memorials, and the remains of old coal mines. The Cannock Chase has multiple visitor centers and many trails, some maintained, some natural, that wind their way through the 26 square mile landscape.

In May of 2009, we covered a giant serpent sighting from within the Chase area, now there are reports of a daylight UFO sighting from near the Pye Green Road.

Darren Capewell saw the UFO midday on September 27th, 2009.

“It was the strangest thing I have ever seen

I noticed something out the side of my eye and thought nothing of it at first.

But when I looked harder, I could see it was three large discs in the sky. They did not have a colour and were see-through, but I could just make them out. I immediately rushed back into the house to get my camera and capture it on film.

There is no way these things were Chinese lanterns or whatever people are saying they are.

These things were moving in a formation.

There was one each side and one in the middle, making a kind of triangle shape. I never believed in things like UFOs before, but I know what I saw was not normal.”

Cannock Chase is not limited to UFOs and giant snakes, multiple bigfoot sightings have been reported in Cannock Chase, with rumours of underground tunnels near the German Cemetery where they live. Cannock Chase is also home of alien big cat reports and many ghost sightings.

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Ghost Caught On Camera In Andreson, South Carolina

Oddly, there is some confusion over where this security video with a ghostly image is from.

This article states the white blur was captured on a security camera in a Credit Union Office and sites CNN as the source, even though I can’t find the article anywhere on CNN’s site. reports the ghost in South Carolina’s Anderson Municipal Business Center (city hall).

Either way, its been seen on video multiple times, the IT and security folks have tried the usual fixes of cleaning the lenses, checking the equiptment and closing the blinds to block any glare and the blurry little ghostly figure continues to appear.

The building is new construction and was built on a previous service lot.