New Jersey UFO Update

It amazes me when some peoples explanation of something NOT BEING a UFO are almost weirder than them just leaving ‘unexplained’.

In the Daily Record article Cops: Flares ignite UFO calls, Morristown Police Officer James Cullen seems sure that the lights seen over several counties in New Jersey were just road flares tied to helium balloons. Cullen said he called Morristown airport and a radar sweep of the area did not detect anything. “We know it was something small and non-metallic,” he said.

No. We don’t know it was something “small and non-metallic”. What we know is it was something that wasn’t picked up on radar. I’m sure a stealth bomber wouldn’t show up on some little airport’s radar, if they even have radar.

Comments on the article make some interesting points:

VoiceovdaPeople wrote:
Hmmm… the officer was in Morristown and the lights were seen over Morris Plains, Morris Twp & Madison…. Those must have been pretty strong binoculars… Anyways Morristown Airport doesn’t have radar capability… and as you said balloons don’t fly in formation but the video on News 12 shows them doing just that….

Even if you bound balloons together, I doubt you could get them to fly in the consistent formation that has been reported.

And that doesn’t match the description left on our own comments.

Kara Says:
January 7th, 2009 at 4:34 pm
I live in Blue Anchor, New Jersey, just outside of Atlantic County and I saw something myself on January 5th. While I only saw one light, it stayed stationary in the sky, was red and blinked slowly; almost like the radio towers, except there’s nothing like that in my backyard. A little to the right there was this object that was flaming through the sky. It was this bright light that had a flame-like tail trailing after it. While it streaked, it would blink out or go behind cloud cover for a second before reappearing. It finally disappeared a little ways above the treeline behind my house. At first I thought it was a comet but it was going much too fast and seemed too close to be that. My only explanation would be part of a plane crashing but nothing like that has been reported. I’m rather baffled…

Sometimes we don’t need elaborate secret government cover ups and conspiracies, we have Officer James Cullen, balloons and road flares.

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4 thoughts on “New Jersey UFO Update

  1. While traveling to the Peruvian jungle recently, I was fortunate enough to see 3 UFO’s sitting in a field. it was late evening just before dusk. Then, to my amazement 3 of what looked like F-18’s with U.S.A. markings on their wings, flew directly over the sitting UFO’s. Then, without warning, with a low buzzz, the three UFO’s rose about 100 feet, to my judgement, & took off in a blurrrr. The 3 jets came back over where the 3 UFO’s was sitting, then all 3 of the jets went in different directions. Now, I’m no genius, but, Duhh!!

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