UFO vs Wind Turbine

What did happen to the wind turbine
in Conisholme, Lincolnshire UK?

Reports of mysterious lights, a low-flying object and giant glowing pink tentacles have come from witnesses in the same area where the blades of a 300 foot wind turbine were found damaged.

To cause that type of damage, experts say the turbine may have been hit by something big and heavy – but other theories include static electricity and a build up of ice on the blade.

The damaged blade has been sent away for testing and the results won’t be back for over a month according to Ecotricity, the company who owns the wind farm.

All the attention has forced Ecotricity to employ security guards with dogs to seal off the site to stop visits by UFO fanatics.

Ecotricity has jumped on the press band wagon, publishing a list of articles and blogs, including such greats as Treehugger’s UFO Octopus Destroys Wind Turbine, ITV’s Aliens damage wind turbine?, and The New York Times’ Do Space Aliens Dislike Wind Power, or Are They Just Clumsy?

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