The 1967 Newbury UFO Hoax

In 1967, UFOs were seen in the skies over Southern England. One even landing in a nearby cornfield, prompting police from Hungerford, Sulhamstead, Great Shefford, Lambourn and Newbury to become involved. Even USAF personnel from RAF Welford arrived and began taking pictures of the silver-colored, metallic looking, thing with a dome on top that was making a bleeping sound. Five more were found, all spread equidistantly along the 51.5 parallel. One in Winkfield, another in Clevedon, another not far from Isle of Sheppey.

Rumors spread quickly, reports came in that they were leaking a green goo, making beeping noises and it all pointed to apparent alien invasion. Ministry of Defence, Royal Air Force and army were alerted before it was figured out to be a hoax.

The story goes that a group of students at the Royal Aircraft Establishment in Farnborough confessed it was all a stunt to help raise cash for their ‘rag’ week. They had placed the objects, each contained a motion-sensitive oscillator activated by a mercury switch to make a beeping noise when touched, in a line along the same latitude.

Here is an archived BBC Radio report of one found on September 4th of 1967.

But what in the heck was going on in 1967? Hoax or an amazing cover up?

Historian and broadcaster, John Keeling is looking for anyone who has information about the incedent that took place over 40 years ago to contact him. He is currently working on a book and a television documentary about the bizarre events that took place in September of 1967. Contact John Keeling at 01376 570652 or via e-mail at

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