Earthquake With A UFO Chaser Over Bosnia

Minutes before a UFO sighting above Novi Travnik in Bosnia, a 3.3 earthquake was registered in the area. What is odd is that there are no news reports of a recent 3.3 earthquake in Bosina. There was a 4.1 in Turkey on 2/01/09.

“I saw a light that changed colors, shapes and sizes and it flew above the town for five to six minutes,” one of the witnesses said.

UFOs and earthquake activity happening together are nothing new.
August 15th, Peru, sighting of odds lights follow a earthquake.

Or UFO activity before an earthquake in February of 2008 in the UK.

While some could be chalked up to Earthquake Lights or electromagnetic/static energy, there might be something to visitors hoovering around before and after earthquakes.

What about the UFO sighting before the Tsunami and earthquake in South and Southeast Asia at the end of 2004?

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2 thoughts on “Earthquake With A UFO Chaser Over Bosnia

  1. UFO’s seem to cause wether phenomena; earth quakes, even tsunamis. Japan breaking tsunami news showed white orbs jumping through the debris in the wake (soul collector-angel?) That was their judgement day.Just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t there. They could be tiny. Would most people think to look for anything tiny and strange, even if it bit them on the butt!! Too bad most people don’t bother to make the effort to look at the night sky for proof of UFO’s. It’s easier to ridicule the phenomena.
    I wish writers would document the first thing that comes to mind when people see saucers, ET’s, UFO’s. My gut feeling is not to look. Weather channel; Marfa lights observer said she felt sucked into the lights. UFO’s might do something like that. They are bad luck, big time. A show in the ’80’s said they seem to be omens of doom. Why are people running from the topic when they should share their experiences and figure out whats going on, without our governments help.l

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