I don’t see the Thunderbird.

I see a UFO.

The Sun ran an article with a picture of a UFO and instantly claimed it was a Thunderbird 3,  a fictional aircraft from the 1966 Supermarionation TV series Thunderbirds, I guess because it was sort of the same colors.

The photo is at the top of the article linked above. The Sun website pops up a sweet little message saying “Copyright 2008 News Group Newspapers Ltd and/or its licensors. No use without permission. Contact” so instead of stealing it from them, go to their site and check it out.

The picture was taken by photographer Mark Wild over Bournemouth and he didn’t see the UFO until he developed the photo.

“When I pulled the pictures up I noticed something there. When I enlarged it I saw what I can only describe as a UFO.”

“I have shown it to quite a few friends and nobody has the faintest idea what it is.”

“I’m pretty open-minded but to think I might have caught an actual UFO is amazing.”

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