UFO Over Tucson, Arizona

On the night of February 11 2009, a saucer shaped UFO was seen outside of Tucson, Arizona.

UFOs over Tucson have reported before, including a sighting of a ship estimated to be over a mile long in November of 2006.

Tucson area police received several calls regarding the recent February 11 sighting. Witnesses include a truck driver who described an explosion and subsequent fantastic speed as ‘unbelievable, probably alien’ and woman who saw the UFO out of a window of their home while watching TV. She described the object as disc shaped with non-strobing red lights at its front and rear. She watched the object for a bit with her husband unit it ‘exploded’ in a flash bright white light and sped away horizontal to the earth at a high speed.

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3 thoughts on “UFO Over Tucson, Arizona

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  2. Whales in Space and fellow readers:

    I can attest to this anomaly above Tucson. I moved to Tucson in June 2004 and lived there until Feb. 2009, for the Observatory there. I was an astronomy student and Tucson, Arizona is the best place in the United States for a degree in this subject. Kitt Peak is one of the best observatories in the world, in fact.

    Anyway, I saw this same object in the sky, as well as several of my friends, who were with me. We tried to get photos of the object, but by the time we got the camera out and ready, it was gone.

    Also, in the period I spent in Tucson, there were several instances when I saw something strange in the sky–and not just myself, but many others. Most of the time, it was said to be weather balloons or Air Force planes, such as the unmanned predators (there is a U.S.A.F. base in the city of Tucson, a city which is not very big itself, so someone who resides there can easily see everything going on up there if they pay attention).

    I know for a fact that something very odd is going on in the skies of Tucson and it is a very good place to watch the sky, since there are no clouds or trees and very little smog or other pollution, such as light. The Catalina Mountains provides a great spot for amateurs, sure, but Kitt Peak, I am certain, has solid evidence of U.F.O.s flying in and around Tucson and the surrounding mountain ranges. This is why the Observatory is now so tight with security. In fact, I left Tucson because I was so distraught with the notion that none of this evidence was ever going to be released to the public. After all, you all deserve to know what is happening up there. This silence must be ended once and for all!

    Dr. Helen Benson

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