Texan Fireball Credited To Crashing Satellites


Sonic booms were heard and at least one fireball has been reported streaking across the sky over Texas on Sunday February 15th. CNN claimed to have video, but the video has expire on CNN’s site. Odd, I haven’t seen that before.

The fireball is being credited to debris from a last week’s collision of a US and Russian satellite over Siberia, an estimated 496 miles above the ground.

The Federal Aviation Administration asked U.S. pilots to watch for “falling space debris,” but didn’t specify where or when.

Video shot by a photographer from News 8 TV in Austin showed what appeared to be a meteor-like white fireball blazing across a clear blue sky Sunday morning. The photographer caught the incident while covering a marathon in Austin.

The video can be seen here.

Williamson County officials combed an area in a helicopter searching for any trace of a landing, but were unable to find anything.

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