Meteor Blamed For Texas FireBall UFO

First it was satellite debris, then it wasn’t, now “Experts” say it was a pick-up sized meteor crashing to earth.

What ever it was that flew through the Texan sky Sunday a few minutes before 11am has got lots of attention, but with news titles like Experts solve Texas fireball mystery, it looks like this one is trying to be laid to rest.

Little mention in the news of the debris that reported on the ground yesterday by MSNBC or the fact that similar sightings are being reported from around the world in the last four days, from Maryland, Ohio, Kentucky, the UK, Italy, and South Africa.

This article from addresses that fireballs were reported over Kentucky on Friday night, almost 36 hours before the UFO captured on video over Texas. adds

Just hours before the Kentucky event, around 20:03 UT on Feb. 13th, multiple cameras in Italy recorded a fireball some 10 times brighter than a full Moon. Astronomer Diego Valeri sends this image from the town of Rieti.

Ferruccio Zanotti of Ferrara, Italy, recorded that same fireball and two others. Italian
scientists are plotting the trajectory of the brightest fireball to estimate where it might have hit the ground; a meteorite hunt will soon be underway.

Click to view fireball video (Note: DivX required)

What a week!!! Satellites colliding 500 miles over Siberia, FAA warnings of falling debris, fireball UFOs reported from around the world over a 3 day period (including multiple videos of the fireballs)…

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