Nabau Sighting – Giant Snake Of Borneo

Nabau Sighting - Giant Snake Of BorneoPhotos of a giant snake like creature swimming down the middle of the Baleh river in Borneo, Indonesia have surfaced. Locals know the creature as Nabau, named after an ancient sea serpent which can transform itself into the shapes of different animals.

The photos are credited to a member of the disaster relief committee who was monitoring the flood situation in Ulu Rajang and snapped the pictures from a helicopter on January 29th, 2009.

Interestingly, earlier this month scientists found the fossil of a 45ft long snake, named Titanoboa, that it lived on a diet of crocodiles and giant turtles, squeezing them to death and devouring them whole. The fossils were found in the coal mines of Cerrejón, La Guajira, Colombia.

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8 thoughts on “Nabau Sighting – Giant Snake Of Borneo

  1. why one picture only…wanted to be famous….take a 10 shot of this Nabau from a close range but avoid yourself from being killed then u can spell F-A-M-O-U-S no!

  2. thinking of this giant snake i think the best way to know about this is to search more because there is a possibility that is not real or editted only so we must believe that their is really asnake that big as that……..

  3. Haha !
    They lied !
    If this picture only taken 1 shot.
    Its probally was edit.
    if that giant snake was really exsit, picture must be more than 1.
    Otherwise, perhaps, the person whom taken this picture able to famous.

    1. That snake is about to attack! You must see the error of your ways and lead the fight against the snake! You are humanities last hope. Huzzah I am Winston, John Winston.

    2. DO NOT TAUNT THE SNAKE! IT WILL FIND YOU! I am only warning you because they could unleash hell and start the invasion. We must prepare and break all atmospheric beasts!!!!! Huzzah I am Winston, John Winston.

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