Mystery Shaking in California – Sonic Booms?

On March 4th at about 9:15 AM, a mystery shaking rattle homes and nerves in Central California.
No earthquake registered on any U.S. Geological Survey reporting equipment, but over 70 calls came in to 911 reporting the rattling.

If it wasn’t the ground, was it the sky?

According to the Orange County Register, a sonic boom shook Southern California at 9:15 p.m. Tuesday, almost exactly 12 hours earlier than the Central Coast rattle. Bob Dollar of the USGS reviewed seismograms from Tuesday night’s event in Orange County and stated “These data are consistent with a sonic event coming onshore near Dana Point and traveling northward inland”.

The Federal Aviation Administration said it was searching through flights its employees monitored Wednesday morning to find if it was a supersonic jet.

Remember, a sonic boom was reported on February 15th in the area of the Texas Fireball.

Could the Tuesday night and Wednesday morning booms have been similar objects?

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8 thoughts on “Mystery Shaking in California – Sonic Booms?

  1. This was no sonic boom nor was it an asteroid. The military is deeply concerned over this event and I really wish I could divulge why that is. Not like it matters, anyone reading this won’t believe me anyways and that’s fine. Just dig deep and drive all around Orange County, focus on the perimeter and watch the “odd” vehicles. Look particularly off the road in areas, you’ll see ’em. I will say that it’s something to be moderately concerned about but unacceptable for them not to tell the truth.

  2. Here on the Monterey Peninsula this shook our house and windows. I thought it was an earthquake.

    Our local paper “The Monterey County Herald” had a report that said it was sonic boom from an aircraft.

    My friend called me immediately and asked if we had also heard and felt “whatever it was?”

    I’m 57 years old. I’ve heard a lot of aircraft created sonic booms in my time…but I can’t recall a sonic boom shaking our house that strongly.

  3. Though these comments are old I’m adding this anyway. I live at the end of Arroyo Seco road in Monterey County, at approximately 9:58 June 2, 2010 we had another very loud Sonic Boom that shook the house as all the others have done in the last year or so.

    These are occurring here about every 2 to 3 months at varying times during day light hours.

    My guess is its coming out of Vandenberg since they have always used the entire length of the California coast line to launch and track experiments etc. You can ask them but they don’t seem to ever admit to anything, pretty much standard SOP for the Military as the public is kept out of the loop and usually for good reason IMHO.

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