Chinese Scientists Try To Clarify UFO Claims

UFO image from July 22 solar eclipse reports the Chinese scientists at the Purple Mountain Observatory in Nanjing, who were confirming the were studying UFO video captured during the July 22nd 2009 solar eclipse, was an unidentified object, but ‘not a UFO’.

The bright object to the side of the sun can be seen in more than 40 minutes of video that the Chinese scientists stated they will be studying for up to the next year.

Ji Haisheng, director of Nanjing-based Purple Mountain Observatory, pronounces each word carefully to clarify that he hasn’t made any claim of seeing a UFO during the July 22 solar eclipse, which could be seen across China.

The Daily Mail, however, reported on Sept 7 that China had “confirmed (that) 40 minutes of footage of the object was captured during this summer’s solar eclipse and that research has already started on a year-long investigation to find out what it is”.

The British newspaper quoted Ji as having said: “During the July 22 total solar eclipse observation, China had discovered near the sun an unidentified object, it’s physical nature remains to be further studied.”

This leads to an interesting point concerning the definition of the term ‘UFO’. The Chinese scientists obviously do not want to associate the connotations that comes with the term ‘UFO’, but are comfortable calling it an an unidentified object.

To be clear, anytime we use the term ‘UFO’ on Whales In Space, we mean exactly that. If we know what they are, we will identify them. The term ‘UFO’ does not imply flying saucers, aliens, or little green men. The object that streaked across the Texan skies in February was a UFO. The lights seen across the United States on July 4th 2009 were UFOs. We are not saying they are extraterrestrial, they are unidentified flying objects.

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Grimsley got a couple minutes on CNN and was asked about the Texas Fireball from February 2009. He trys to turn it into an infomercial, but seems to be cut a bit short.

Whales In Space One Year Anniversary

Its been one year since launched in its current format and what a year in the world of weirdness it has been.

Highlights would have to be the Tom Biscardi’s RickMat Bigfoot Press Conference and when it was revealed to be a hoax. Whales In Space was able to get a reporter to the conference and cover the event as it happened. I still think there is more to this story that was never discussed, except in the private conversations between cryptozoologists and and those who pay very close attention to these things. Also the Blossom Goodchild October 14th UFO prediction stands out as one of the most interesting stories of Whales In Space’s first year.

The February 15th Texas Fireball caught on video and the amazing number of other Fireball sightings and mysterious sonic booms before and after wards also caught the worlds attention.

Also in the first year, we saw the rise of sasquatchploitation, multiple black balloon cluster UFO sightins, two Montauk Monsters and the possible return of batsquatch or at least some clarification to the story.

And still going one, with reports still coming in, the Orange Ball of Light (ORBL) sightings over the UK. If these are just chinese lanterns, I would suggest buying some stock in a chinese lantern company, because sales are up.

A big thanks to everyone who read a post, who made a comment, who sent in photos and stories and tips. A big thanks to everyone who linked to our site.

In the first year we had 200 posts exploring the weirdness of aliens, UFOs, exopolitics, cryptozoology, other paranormal fortean phenomenon, and ultraterrestrial activities. I expect the next year to bring weirder yet stories.

Fireball Friday

We have been following the increase in reports of fireballs streaking across the night and daytime skies since the now famous Texas Fireball was captured on video in mid February.

We declare today, June 12th 2009, as Fireball Friday as Fox News pushes two fireball stories to the front of their newsfeeds.

It seems a boy in Essen in Germany was recently struck by a fireball/meteorite as it traveled at 30,000 mph. Fox News posted the story from an article on SkyNews.

The boy, 14 year old Gerrit Blank, was on his way home from school when he saw a massive fireball coming right at him. The object struck his hand, leaving a 3 inch scar and then hit the ground, leaving a one foot crater.

“At first I just saw a large ball of light and then I suddenly felt a pain in my hand. Then, a split second after that, there was an enormous bang like a crash of thunder. The noise that came after the flash of light was so loud that my ears were ringing for hours afterwards. When it hit me it knocked me flying and then was still going fast enough to bury itself in the road.”

He seems pretty chipper for just being struck my a piece of something from outerspace.

Tests have been done on the object and it is in fact a meteorite.

“It’s a real meteorite, therefore it is very valuable to collectors and scientists,” stated Ansgar Korte, director of Germany’s Walter Hohmann Observatory, “”Most meteorites don’t actually make it to ground level because they evaporate in the atmosphere. Of those that do get through, about six out of every seven of them land in water.”

Calculated odds of being struck by a meteorite, one in 100 million.

And only yesterday, we found out our dear military is covering up information about recent fireball activity. Until recently, the U.S. military policy was to share information gleamed from satellites about fireballs. That has drastically changed.

“It’s baffling to us why this would suddenly change,” said one scientist familiar with the work. “It’s unfortunate because there was this great synergy … a very good cooperative arrangement. Systems were put into dual-use mode where a lot of science was getting done that couldn’t be done any other way. It’s a regrettable change in policy.”

The timing does seem odd, with the recent rash of fireball sighting and mysterious sonic booms that have been reported in the last 4 months.

Is there anything to the increase in fireballs? Something the military would rather some pesky sky staring scientists not find out about?

And what are these fireballs? Meteorites like what hit Gerrit Blank or something else?

In the 1959 UFO classic, Other Tongues Other Flesh, author George Hunt Williams explains the three ‘classes’ of fireballs.

One of the most startling phenomena connected with the coming of the Saucers, is the appearance from time to time of the “fireballs”. In The Saucers Speak! space friends said: “You would be astonished if you knew what these ‘fireballs’ really were. They are not the same as your remote-controlled devices.” Another time they said: “It was a ball-globe being on its duty.” And again: “Crystals are valuable to us. With a crystal miracles can be performed.”

Since December of 1948 countless “fireballs” have bathed the hills of the American Southwest with their strange, blue-green glare. They have also been seen in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Puerto Rico, Arizona, California, Washington, Denmark, and other places throughout the world. The chief Air Intelligence officer for the Albuquerque district saw one. Col. Joseph D. Caldara, USAF, attached to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, saw one in Virginia. Hundreds of pilots, weather observers and atomic scientists have observed these “fireballs”.

It appears that the “fireballs” fall into three general classes:
1. Those which leave copper particles in the atmosphere after silently exploding and leave no residue on the ground such as meteors do.

2. Those that were called “foo fighters” and known by other names which draw near our aircraft and other earthly objects to obtain information to be relayed directly to the space-lab. These objects are mainly crystalline in structure and are really sentient beings. They possess the powers of sense or sense-perception and have actual experience of sensation and feeling as they “televise” their gathered data back to the hovering laboratory. This idea is difficult for the people of Earth to accept, and indeed, even to understand. The idea of a crystal that thinks!

3. There is a third class of “fireballs” that do not explode. In fact, after they are constructed in great scientific laboratories their power is immutable! There are very strange records in history of the activities of this type of “fireball”. Their power is similar to the power of the robot “Gort” in “The Day The Earth Stood Still” a science-fiction movie. However, the space people do not have robots in the form of “mechanical-men”.

So welcome to Fireball Friday.

Fireball Over Iowa

Since the Sunday February 15th fireball that was caught on video over a Texas, there have been no shortage of additional fireball sightings from across the US and around the globe. Our collection can be seen under the Texas Fireball subcategory, but includes fireball and sonic booms from both coasts and Europe.

Now this interesting post on UFO Stalker’s website from May 6th over Iowa.

A friend and I were driving down to Iowa City, Iowa. We were heading south on Interstate 380 and up in the clouds in front of us we saw a big green ball of light. It was definitely moving, and very large. It had a tail on it, much like a comet. When I first saw it, my first thought was that it looked just like a comet, but then I remembered how close it was to Earth. It only lasted about 5 seconds, and then it was completely gone. It disappeared just as fast as it showed up. I definitely got the chills after I saw it, it was very very strange

Conflicting Information On East Coast Fireballs and Booms

Not an actual picture of the East coast fireballThe Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C. is quick on the draw to credit Sunday March 29th’s fireball and sonic booms that were seen and heard down the East Coast to exploding space junk from the second stage of a Russian Soyuz rocket falling back to Earth. A Russian-built Soyuz rocket lifted off Thursday from the Central Asian spaceport of Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan to launch a new crew and American billionaire Charles Simonyi to the International Space Station. The U.S. Naval Observatory claims they were expecting to see parts of that rocket around 8pm on Sunday (thanks for the warning).

Meanwhile, Stefan Bocchino of the USAF Joint Space Operations Center says the “bright light” seen over parts of the East Coast Sunday night was not a result of a man-made space object.

This is very similar to the February 15th Texas fireball, that was first credited to pieces of falling satellites which had collided over Siberia several days before, then quickly the story changed and a meteor was to blame.

Here are two reports that made it to The first fitting in perfectly with the timing and description of the March 29th East Coast Fireball.

Chesapeake, Virginia
I was not present, however my wife called to tell me about the incident. She heard a loud, rumbling boom about 9:45 PM Sunday. As it turns out, the sound was heard across several states, and several witnesses in the Hampton Roads area have come forward with their descriptions of what they encountered. It has been reported on several of the local news channels, and none of the government agencies have come forward with any information or knowledge of what it was. The meteorogical folks reported no unusual weather or meteors in the area, and NORAD nor NASA have not come forward with any knowledge of space debris coming down. It was suggested that it was the booster rockets from the Soyuz mission, but again, no confirmation from anyone who would certainly know. I hope this gives you a lead to follow up on, and I apologize for not having more info myself. I just thought you folks might find this one of some interest, especially since no government agencies are acknowledging anything.

The second note worthy because its from the area of many of Sunday nights reports and is oddly like a report from March 25th that took place in Oklahoma, both stories start with the person taking their dog out to pee and mention a video camera.

Fairfax, Virginia
I went to sleep early, and woke up a few hours later, I looled at me cell phone and if was 10:35PM. My dog needed to go out, so I put on my shoes and went with him to the garden. When I looked up I saw a small point of light that I thought was a star. The point of light flashed, and then I saw two other lights on either side of it. They began to move in the sky from left to right in triangle formation. I thought it was the underside of a plane, but there was no sound and the wingspan would have been too long for a normal plane. I watched it for a few seconds, and realised this was not a normal plane. I ran back inside and found my digital camera (Sony Cybershot)and ran back out to the garden. When I was back outside they were still there. I took a video for about a minute without using zoom on the camera. Because it was dark out, I could not see what was being captured on the camera screen very clearly. When they continued to move, I went up the stairs that lead to the balcony, and adjusted the zoom on the camera. The lights remained stationary but changing formation. After I filmed it, I went inside and woke up my grandmother. When we went back outside they were still there, and she was able to observe them for about a minute before they became too dim to see. There was no sound in the sky when I first saw them, towards the end of the video, I could hear a plane coming, and two planes flew overhead towards Dulles Airport. The lights continued to move into distance until they were no longer visible. The first half of the video the lights are almost too small to detect, they are in the centre of the screen towards the left. The yellow lights on the bottom of screen at times is a porch lamp from a neighbour’s house. The next day, I read a report that many people had seen lights in the sky over MD, DC, and VA due to space debris from a Russian Rocket that broke the earth’s atmosphere. People reported seeing fireballs, and red and green lights. The lights I saw were white, round and flew sideways and in intelligent formation. I did not see any colours or fireballs, and nothing fell to the ground. 03.29.09 Ms. L. Lyons