Interview With An Alien

We got an email promoting the book ‘Interview With An Alien‘ by author Erasmus Crane.

Amazon does this great thing called Statistically Improbable Phrases, or “SIPs”. These are the most distinctive phrases in the text of book that has been submitted to them. Interview with an Alien has the following SIPs;
evil coalition, ancient writings, orgonne energy, molecular disrupter, actual time travel, false technology, biological robots, great matrix, plane builder, psychic essence, proper accord.

Below is the email.

A new book is now available on the subject of UFOs and the Paranormal! This book is not the standard collection of tired theories, guesses and speculations! Every serious UFO/Paranormal enthusiast should read this book The title is “Interview With An Alien” and is NOT connected with the popular fake video “Alien Interview”! Did you know that Extraterrestrials say that most UFO sightings are planned and staged by other interests and not the military? The ETs DO believe in God and they explain why most people (the average person) go to Hell, which is in a parallel dimension! They go into great detail of what animals really are and the so-called “mystery” of reincarnation! They speak of the true nature of gravity which even Einstein got wrong! This book is a “mini-tome” of over 600 pages and weighs nearly 2 pounds! Buy it today and receive a discount from!

This thought-provoking book was written under a mystic impulse by a man named “Erasmus” who had no intention of embarking on the arduous task of writing a book, especially one of this length and magnitude!

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