UFOs Over Texas and Oklahoma

www.ufostalker.com has two interesting reports of UFOs over Texas and Oklahoma this week. Both stories start with the witnesses dogs and the Oklahoma sighting makes mention of a video camera, so maybe video of the event exists.

Texas – March 24th, 2009

About 9PM last night March 24, 2009 I was sitting on the back patio of our house petting the dog and watching the sky. We live almost under one of the main flight paths for San Antonio Airport. My patio faces approximately northwest. Almost all of the air traffic is on a North/South trajectory. You can clearly see all FAA marking lights and landing lights as the aircraft are usually low in altitude. About 09:08PM a bright gold flash caught my eye to the west and I immediately focused my attention there. I saw a very bright sold gold orb moving from the west to east at a very fast pace. It had no tail and was very well defined. It did not fade in or out, but simply appeared for about a second and disappeared. I got up and moved towards the west side of my patio to make sure that a small tree had not obscured the view, but it was not there. In about thirty second another bright gold object appeared just below where I had seen the first one. This one had a bright tail behind it that appeared to be debris like a sparkler would give off. It too disappeared in about a second. I yelled at my wife that we might be having a comet show. After watching the sky for another 30 minutes and not seeing anything else unusual I thought more about it and since the sky was very overcast I began to doubt that the two object could have been shooting stars because of the overcast and the fact that they were on a flat trajectory and not descending. Watching planes coming in for a landing I could see that their lights were somewhat diminished in brightness until they got lower and closer which would indicate that the cloud cover was fairly low. Please see the attached picture that I took this morning to get an idea of the position on the horizon and the distance they covered. I would like to mention that I saw something similar back in about October 2008 but the gold object traveled along the western horizon just above and along the entire roof line of our house. It only took it about three second to do this. I didn�t think much of it at the time as the sun was just setting and the sky was clear. The one odd thing is that it appeared in a bright flash and then instantly got smaller before it went above the roof line. I just thought it was a shooting star as well. I am a long time UFO buff and I read your daily reports and look at the pictures. I am usually very skeptical of what most people would like to call a UFO. I would very much like to know if anyone else saw these objects above San Antonio last night.

Oklahoma – March 25th 2009

I was standing in my back yard letting my dog pee, when I noticed two stars in the sky that I had never noticed before. I often stargaze while I’m out back with my dog, so I knew that something was different. They then BOTH began to move west. I instantly ran inside to get my video camera. When I came back out, they had moved about 45 degrees to the west from when I left them. Up until this point, they were an equal distance apart. They then both blanked out and then instantly reappeared much further apart. They did this twice. The entire time that I was trying to film them, my cheap auto focus video camera couldn’t hardly pick them up. Then the most westward one sent out three very bright and distinct strobes. Then the second one replied with a series of strobes itself. They then began to move at a slightly faster pace, whilst continuing to strobe to each other. At no time were any of the strobe sequences the same. If one sent out three strobes, the other would do a different number of strobes. It was extremely obvious that the two ufos were communicating with one another. I continued to try to film them as they continued westward and out of my sight line. Once I could no longer see them, I got my iphone and googled MUFON Oklahoma, and called the number listed, and told the person what had just occurred. Being a former police officer, I have had numerous hours of training in observation. These were absolutely not airplanes. Airplanes don’t disappear and reappear miles from where they just were in an instant. There was no sound, but even if they were emitting sound, they were so high up that I wouldn’t have been able to hear them. When you witness something like this, it gives you a feeling inside that is absolutely unique. It’s like you’re hit with the realization that you are ACTUALLY witnessing a UFO incident, and the feeling is just indescribable. But to try to put into words how it makes you feel is like the most scared that you could be, mixed with the most excited you could be, mixed with the most confused that you could be. Humans DO NOT have flying machines that can do these things.

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