UK Google Street View Captures Alien

While privacy groups cry fowl over the recent launch of Google’s UK Street View, someone with too much free time on their hands found an unexplained image that resembles a ET like fuzzy creature and an odd white light/line rising out of the ground.

Reportedly, the picture is from Diamond Hill Road, near Morristown airport, New Jersey.
I am unable to find that location on Google Maps and I can’t even find the town “Floral Hill” that can be seen in the screen capture of the alien image.

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3 thoughts on “UK Google Street View Captures Alien

  1. I would suspect the “beam” to be an artifact – lost data for that part of the photo. The fuzz could be anything and it doesn’t look all that much like an object in my estimation. Might be a spider web with dew on it. Part of the “alien” may actually be vegetation behind the blur.

  2. Check 194 Diamond Hill Rd, Berkeley Heights, NJ , looking west – everything aligns for tree line, right-of-way fence / posts, highway ramp in middle-ground to 78 – everything but the street light. No light beam to be found.

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