Mystery Black Cat Sightings in New York

By now the British have got to accept that strange unexplained mystery black cats, sometimes called alien big cats (ABCs), occasionally roam their English country side. In season two, History Channel’s MonsterQuest explored what could be causing these sightings in the episode ‘Black Beast of Exmoor’.

It seems these phantasm felines have jumped the pond and are now showing up in Rockland County New York. To the point Orangetown police are posting ‘Suspicious Animal Sightings’ signs around Tallman Mountain State Park, only 18 miles north of New York City.

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Big cats reports are often explained away by exotic animal dumping, big cats escaping from circuses, or simply misidentified native cats, domestic, bobcats and such. It seems to me that if these were the causes, these beasts would be killed, captured, and sighted on a more consistent basis, but that is not the case. A sense of mystery surrounds these sightings and I would suggest that many mystery black cat sightings fit into the world of the weird that can not be explained by the laws of this physical world.

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10 thoughts on “Mystery Black Cat Sightings in New York

  1. I think you mean inter dimensional creatures?
    I believe this also explains Bigfoot, Loch Ness monster, Dino sightings in Africa and so on.
    There are parallel dimensions with these animals and they can appear in our dimension when they walk through portals

  2. I have seen a big leopard like cat with narrow waist and wide cheast and glowing green eyes and the almond cornia was more glowing than the rest and darker in green. he was standing on its rear feet had tall tail that was thiker in its end. had no sexual organs visible (external). he had human like expression and wide nose that panters and it feet wer masculin and fit. he was surprised that i saw him so he turned his head 2nd time quick and rased its left eyebrow in suprise. i was going to attack it but it read my mind and i felt suden soft skin tuching air passing from my left side over the computer desk and toword back of my nick skin. he was looking through the window of my dad room through the bliners to the neighbors building. that puzzels me. He was in our APT room checking others through window! why? and i’m not crazzy!

  3. I worked on a new home near Scotia New York in 2003 that was in a secluded wooded area and was 1/2 mile from the road. And i spotted a Large black cat that was bigger than a medium size dog walking along an old deer run. And recently i have seen another big cat in Washington county.

  4. Approximately 60 years ago in Allegheny County New York State, my brother and my Father and I had a large black cat (body about 3 feet long with an equal sized “s” shaped tail) in our back yard. My father did not believe me so we went outside an followed where we suspected it had gone which was a small spring run ditch. We walked within 30 yards when it raised up and we were close enough to hear it making rythmetic breathing or growling noises. It was jet black with no other markings. It was reflecting sunlight just like the black coat on a crow. It finally left the ditch ran about 50 yards and cleared a stump fence in one leap and disappeared in the trees. We attempted to put a coon hound on the track and he dropped his tail and went back to his house. He would have no part of that cat. My father has since passed on but my brother still lives near the area in New York. I love to see the “experts” claim this cannot happen.

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