North Korean Rocket Launch And UFOs Over Japan

As North Korea defines the world and launched their rocket on April 4th, reports of UFO sightings over Asia and specifically the Korean Peninsula and Japan begin to surface. Including two UFO sightings over Japan that put them on high alert.

Since the end of March, reports having been coming from South Korea of sonic booms and strange lights in the sky. While not reported world wide, Korean Newspapers and websites have been publishing articles on these sightings all week. From The week South Korea went UFO mad:

The last week has been a strange one for South Korea. Beginning on the last day of March a series of deafening sonic booms have been heard over the entire nation prompting many to believe they were under alien attack. Now it appears that the deafening roars that set of car alarms and had panicky pedestrians running for cover in sheer terror were probably related to the North Korean satellite launch and the various air forces monitoring the area.

None of that stopped virtually every newspaper in the country reporting that Korea might be under UFO attack. Adding to the strangeness of the week unusual lights or UFOs were seen over a number of cities in the country. Internet sites crashed as people debated as to whether South Korea was facing annihilation at the hands of ET’s or devastation as a result of North Korean missiles.

Earlier in the month, on March 14, witnesses claim a huge ‘Mother ship’ type craft was seen over the town of Yong’an. Yong’an is in the west-central Fujian sheng (province), southeastern China. Yong’an is across the Yellow Sea from South Korea.

And then it seems the tension in Japan came to point in the last several days as multiple UFO sighting over Japan have caused “false positive” alarms of the North Korean rocket launch. These were quickly dismissed as errors. One was credited to a radar “mistakenly interpreted unrelated signals” and another “computer error.

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