More End Of March UFO Reports

Exclusively sent to Whales In Space, these two reports are from the last week of March in response to the UFO sightings Over Texas and Oklahoma.

I don’t remember what day it was but a few days ago I was out on my back porch and saw what I thought were 2 airplanes. One was in the NE sky and the other more East. I thought it was rather odd that 2 planes would be coming in so close together and at the same time. I’ve never seen that before. As I watched them they both disappeared for a second then came back. They were there for about 2 more minutes, then all of a sudden they were both gone! How weird! I watch planes fly all the time and have never seen anything like that before. Don’t know if they were UFO’s or not but kinda creepy. I live North of Oklahoma City.

… I was not witness to the lights, however my girlfriend was witness on March 29th. She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico and had called me to say goodnight, when she became very dramatic about a light in the sky. She described it as white to blue and very bright, somewhere around the shape of a dime or slightly smaller from her perspective, with a tail. Normally, I would dismiss this sort of thing. We have seen shooting stars and the like before…however this made her very uneasy. It was different to her. She was scared. It was not a normal reaction. This light was different.

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