Jellyfish UFO Spotted Over Lichfield, Staffordshire UK

The Sunday Mercury has a story of 6 adults and child who saw seven UFOs ‘crafts’ over Lichfield and Burntwod last week.

One of the witnesses said the underside of the UFOs were like the underbelly of a jellyfish in appearance. “I’ve seen films with jellyfish in the water. The UFOs were really round underneath with something in the middle.”

The Sunday Mercury adds the witness, 62-year-old Michael Bardsley, from Trevithick Close, “had not been drinking”.

Describing UFOs as jellyfish like is not new.
January 14th, 2009 ‘Pink Jelly-Fish” in Sky Sparks UFO Speculation in Merton, UK
This was in connection to the damaged wind turbines in nearby Conisholme.
There were also a jellyfish-like UFO reported over Scarborough’s lake shore in July, 2004.
Or this report from Petrosavodsk, Russian, 1977 of a large jellyfish-like UFO which had multiple witnesses and a photo that was published in Pravda.

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