Unknown Objects In Kazakhstan Said To Be 'Fragments Of Some Flight Vehicle'

Two mysterious object recovered by the Kazakhstan Department of Emergency Situations in mid May are being said to be “fragments of some flight vehicle”.

The two objects were said to have fallen from the sky as fireballs and originally reported to be 60 centimeters in diameter, about 24 inches. The most recent information, taken from www.rian.ru and translated from Russian (translated version can be seen here) claims “Two objects of ball-shaped form with a diameter approximately of 40 centimeters and with a weight of 10-12 kilograms” and that after being examined “some numbers” were found on at least one of the objects. Also added to the description “Outside these spheres were fused – they clearly underwent the action of high temperature, one of the spheres was torn, another – whole”.

The 60 centimeter to 40 centimeter size difference seems extreme, but the original size of the objects may have just been misreported.

While these objects appear human in origin, it is still plenty mysterious that two, still yet to be identified objects, caused fireballs that were seen by multiple witnesses. The observation that they “underwent the action of high temperature” implies they fell from a great height, not just off a passing airplane.

Hopefully the Kazakhstan Department of Emergency Situations will release their finding when researching the source of these spheres. Could similar fireball sightings have the same source as these objects and fireballs?

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