Black Balloon UFO Described As 'Black Hole'

Left as a comment on More Black Balloon Cluster UFO Sightings Over Olympia, WA, a report of another black balloon UFO over Western Washington State, this one from two years ago over Sumner Washington. Sumner is just over 30 miles from Olympia, WA where the previous sightings were reported and in close proximity of the Fort Lewis Army Base and McCord Air Force Base, causing speculation that these black balloon cluster UFOs are somehow related to the military.

My friend of 30+ yrs and I were taking my dog for a walk in Sumner, Washington about 2 yrs. ago coming back from a field near a mansion where I have photographed unusual crafts above it and ‘ghosts’ inside of it. My friend brought it to my attention by saying, “What’s that?” and she took off walking fast. I didn’t know what she was talking about but since she hurried, I hurried behind her. Since she was looking upwards, I did too and suddenly I seen what looked like a black balloon however it was not a balloon. It stayed on a level trajectory but wobbled a bit. We lost site of it a block away and ended up at Siebenthaler park where it should have been. We kept scanning the skies and I told her that I thought it was there but we just couldn’t see it. Within a few seconds sure enough it appeared directly in front of us above a house. It looked like a black hole like in cartoons where they’d have a black circle and lay it on the ground and it would be a hole…that was the first and only time I’ve seen a ‘ufo’ look like that and I’ve seen many a ufo in my years – I’m 48.

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7 thoughts on “Black Balloon UFO Described As 'Black Hole'

  1. I have just seen one of these (?) on Monday this week, a perfect, unmoving black circle in the air, others saw it & a friend saw another!

  2. today i saw a black circle come from the direction of the sun in slowly move across the sky ever once ina while it looka star and twinkle with in then it hoverd directly across from me then stayed there about an half hour then i turned around and looked back and it was gone…

  3. OMFG I seen on in Philly a few days ago 11-17-2010 Its was a full boon outside and I seen this black circle looking thing move across the night sky ( which I though was a balloon and then it disappeared in the blink of an eye!

  4. I have had first hand experience with this ” black balloon ” object. The first time I saw it was in 2004, I reported it to , here is the link

    Multiple helicopters and planes have been dispatched to the exact location of the sighting, within a span of 20 minutes or so. Yet it’s never in the news.

    Not good, all I’m going to say about this thing is that it’s not a balloon, but rather a portal of some sort. Things go into it and things have come out.

  5. On June 23rd, 2013 my husband and I observed a strange hovering object that looked like a cluster of black balloons over the northwest sky of Anchorage. It could not have been balloons though as it was hovering and way too high up to have been tethered. We have a video of it, although not a very good one. Not sure what it was, but it definately looked menacing and like nothing I have ever seen before.

    1. Than attack! Menesing it may be, but you must not let it humiliate you and make you look pathetic! Attack the evil invaders now! Huzzah I am Winston, John Winston!!

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