The Cuero Chupacabra

This isn’t your Puerto Rican alien chupacabra, this is the Texas variety. We discussed the difference a bit in a September 08 post. Honestly, the Puerto Rican alien version is way more interesting as I suspect the Texas one is a more classic cryptozoological, less ultraterrestrial type creature.

With Phylis B. Canion’s (the Chupacabra Lady) upcoming book on The Cuero Chupacabra due to be released this year, we’ll look at the Cuero Chupacabra a bit. If Chupacabra Headquarters wants to send us an advanced copy, we’ll give it a read and post a review.


With three dead animals in two days, allegedly struck by motor vehicle, the mass media frenzy has sparked some very interesting stories in Cuero, Texas. The infamous Chupacabra strikes again, but this time lands in one lady’s freezer. The DNA of this animal has been completed and in the paternal ancestry the Y chromosome matches the Mexican Wolf, while the maternal ancestry indicates the source animal is the coyote.

The ‘meat’ of the story is the DNA evidence. DNA reports almost match the critter to the local common coyote, but are quick to point out that chimpanzee genes and human genes match 98%, implying that the dead creature could be a yet to be discovered and identified species.

With multiple bodies recovered and one in the freezer undergoing DNA testing from University of California-Davis, the Cuero Chupacabra raises plenty of questions.

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