British Skies Filled With UFOs Recently

Since the last week of May, UFO sighting have been coming in from Britain at an increased rate, almost too many to track. Even Fox News has picked up a recent Sun article about 20 plus UFOs over Eastern England. Pictures are online at The Sun’s Article and they look suspiciously like chinese lanterns, like those credited for the early May Dorset UFOs.

This article from has a “funny looking light” over Llanfair Caereinion on May 31st. An 82 year old Montgomeryshire resident spotted the object at what he estimated to be 15,000 feet off the ground. has this pic and article of ‘15 mystery orbs‘ seen on Sunday from Merseyside, Cambridgeshire, and Lincoln. The article also states “Clusters of more than 100 have been spotted across Britain and even Holland, it was reported today. ‘ These maybe the same objects from the Fox News/Sun article, but with different pictures and additional witnesses. is trying blame the whole thing on Navy military exercises

Meanwhile publishes photos and witness reports from 3 different locations. claims to have all the answers, crediting a wedding party releasing lanterns, but we all saw that explanation coming.

We have been following the increased UFO activity over the UK for a while, but this rash of sightings is crowding the British skies more than normal.

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