Multiple UFOs Sightings Over Colorado

Bob Fiske of Vail, Colorado, writer for compiled a list of sighting of UFOs starting April 26th, with the last one on May 9th, all over Vail Valley area. Fiske is an investigator for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and hopes more witnesses will come forward with UFO sightings from this Vail micro-flap. One of the photos from the rash of sightings can be seen online at

Robert Paul Reyes of NewsBlaze is not so impressed, writing a critical article of Fiske’s reporting.

Below are Fiske’s collection of sightings.

On Monday, May 4, at 3:30 p.m. a witness in Frisco heard a jet going over and saw an F-16 flying low over the valley. Looking towards Buffalo Mountain, he spotted a silvery disc hovering there.

On Wednesday, May 6, a witness riding a chairlift at A-Basin at 3:15 p.m. spotted a fast-moving silent craft overhead and was able to get a quick photo of the object, which he estimated was moving at 1,500 mph.

On Thursday, May 7, there were three sightings along the I-70 corridor, with an early morning sighting in Edwards where at 4:30 a.m. a witness observed a disc-shaped UFO with flashing lights that hovered to the northwest. The disc appeared to drop a diamond-shaped object that descended to the ground, and then the disc departed at high speed to the northwest.

That evening about 8 p.m., two witnesses in Avon reported seeing a disc with flashing lights that appeared to be over the main entrance to the Beaver Creek Resort. This disc moved rapidly to the northeast, then went at a slower speed to the east before ascending into a cloud. Later that night a woman in Eagle saw brightly flashing strobe lights in the sky that moved around and did not appear to come from any aircraft.

On Saturday morning, May 9, a witness in Vail saw a white cigar-shaped UFO flying from west to east in the sky north of Vail. The UFO went into a small cloud as it headed east but did not come of the other side. This craft may have been followed by an USAF jet.

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4 thoughts on “Multiple UFOs Sightings Over Colorado

  1. In August or September (I’m not sure of the month). I was walking my dogs in Sunrise Park in Aurora, CO. It was about 2:00p.m. The sky was a deep blue color that day. I noticed a whitish colored object moving from west to east. The altitude of it was very high and it was moving quickly. I thought it was strange, than I said well maybe it’s a satellite. (they can sometimes be seen at daytime, if the conditions are right. Then there were a couple of jets, probably from Buckley Air Force Base, as they are stationed just down the road, flying in the same direction at a high altitude. About 3 minutes later the same type of whitish object was returning from west to east. It traversed the sky very quickly. And that was it

  2. In the month of May 2012,i was driving through vail on my way back to broomfield froma trip to san diego. My sister and i caught glimpse of a brigh looking orbe above the ski resort it spread into a ring of light horizotal to view… it then went into itself apearping to be gone..then it appeared again as an orbe..then shot up into the sky suuuuuper fast my sister was speachless as i started jumping around the car in excitement!!

  3. Please help!in Glenwood springs co.had very close encounter in the past.mufon was the investigator.I’m scared and am being ran out of town if I’m not killed first!

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