Mel Waters and The Devil's Hole

On February 21, 1997, Art Bell had a guest on his Coast to Coast AM radio show named Mel Waters who claimed to know the location of a mysterious hole on his property outside of Ellensburg, Washington that had some very interesting paranormal properties. He subsequently appeared on February 24, 1997, April 2000 and January 29, 2002. His final appearance on the show was on December 20, 2002.

Waters claimed to own property near Manastash Ridge, Washington, about nine miles west of Ellensburg. On his property, he had found a hole. The hole was about 9 feet around, brick lined down the first 15 feet, and had been used by locals to dump garbage and other unwanted junk for years, never filling up. If you dropped something into the hole, you never heard it hit bottom, and Waters had tried lowering a weight on the end of a fishing line in an attempt to determine the depth. After attaching many reels of line together, the estimate was the hole was in excess of 15 miles deep. The hole also was said to have some other odd qualities, like the ability to bring dead animals back to life. Waters shared a story of a local who had thrown his dead dog into the hole, only to have the dog return to him alive later. At some point, Waters sold the property and Waters disappeared, and with him, the exact location of Mel’s hole.

Since then, there have been multiple ‘searches’ for the location of Mel’s Hole. Nothing has been found matching Water’s mysterious description. In fact, rumor has it the Tri City Herald reported that Waters was not listed in the Kittitas County telephone directory or the registered as a taxpayers, and that authorities in Ellensburg were unable to find any evidence that he was a ever resident or existed. Even the Mel’s Hole Website has called further searches off after determining that the quest for Mel’s Hole is a series of dead ends.

The tale of Mel’s Hole is widely accepted as a urban legend and hoax now, but some rather odd details suggest there may be more to the story than a simple hoax.

First, the story of Mel’s hole didn’t start with Mel Waters. On September 18, 2008, Coast to Coast AM had a guest name Red Elk, an Inter-Tribal Medicine Man who claimed to have visited the hole with his father in 1961 and also claimed to have more information on the hole. Red Elk has said the hole is 24–28 miles deep and connected to Mt Rainier. He has also been know to tell tales of an Inner Earth beneath the surface of the ground with a race giant lizardmen who make sex slaves of captures humans.

Red Elk is not the only one other one to have seen the hole. Ellensburg resident Jay Nickell remember exploring the area of Manastash Ridge as a teenager and coming across a hole that fits Waters’ descriptions.

There are rumbling of a government conspiracy to conceal the location of the hole. Mel’s property was near Yakima Firing Range, a 500 square mile training and firing range near the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, used by soldiers from Fort Lewis. It is said the satellite photos of the area have been altered to protect the military’s training and that images of the hole and Waters’ land were also doctored.

On Waters’ second phone call into Coast To Coast, he described how was prevented from returning to his land by government or military Men In Black types. They claimed there was a plane crash on his property and would not allow him back on his property. Could these Men In Black possibly be responsible for then erasing any record of him owning property or paying taxes in Kittitas County?

During his second call, he also told the story of a conversation Waters had with a long time Kittitas County resident who remembered the hole from many years ago. According to the long time resident, there used to be stone monoliths, much like Stonehenge, with out the top pieces, surrounding the hole.

Waters is thought to now be in Nevada, studying another mysterious hole. This hole is creeper yet, with a bizarre story of a dead sheep that was lowered into Waters’ new hole and returned dead and completely ‘cooked’ on the inside. When cut open, the sheep was found to be filled with a jelly like substance described as a tumour that formed into a alien/seal like creature that jumped back into the hole.

Until Mel Waters resurfaces, we may never know the truth behind the strange tale of Mel Waters and The Devil’s Hole.

Thanks to a Whales In Space tipster for the heads up on Mel Water’s Devil’s Hole.

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10 thoughts on “Mel Waters and The Devil's Hole

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  2. i hope u guys heard of Destination Truth its a T.V program i watch faithfuly on the SyFy channel. Dentenation Truth should look into Mel’s hole. Hopefully they can find this crazy hole mothernature has created. thanks for taking your time to read my post.

  3. Hello to all of you. This is Mel. I’m sorry I’ve been inconspicuous for so long, but you see, I had to put my life back together after my experiences with the hole. I returned to Australia to renew my efforts with my wombat refuge after finally receiving a large settlement from the BLM. I have not spoken of the hole or its properties since my last conversation with Art on Coast to Coast, as part my agreement with the U.S. Government. I can however, discuss generally, the second hole I discovered in Nevada while living among the Basque people there. I can assure you all that everything I told Art and his listeners regarding THAT hole was true. Out of respect for the local culture though, I cannot reveal its location without their consent and they do not wish it to be so. The elders there see the hole as a sacred place and would not want it compromised by outsiders and media. I can say that my experiences there changed my life and I don’t regret any of them. I hope that some day I will be able to reveal everything in a way that will allow the public to know the truth, but I am not in a position to do that at present. I will say that I believe the truth will be known one day, but I can’t say how. I could prove my story but the risk to myself is too great, and I’ve learned from my experiences that when I get an offer, its best to take the money and run. I hope you all understand and maybe you’ll hear from me again, sooner or later…

    – Mel

  4. I just listened to this show this morning (from an internet stream). What a bunch of BS. This guy can sure weave a fantabulous tale. I don’t know which made me laugh more – the seal with the human eyes or the $250,000 a month he was getting from the government leasing his land. The thing about Bs’ers is they can never provide proof of their claims. They really follow a common thread – I got screwed by________________. My ______________ got blown up or destroyed. I can’t find the people who can back up my story….and on and on.

  5. Anyone who believes something to be true without solid evidence is simply buying into a scam.

    That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.

    This universe is brimming with unknowns that we get to marvel at. Things like this pale in comparison.

  6. This is clearly the starting point for a great invasion of creatures far unlike anything we’ve ever seen! The atmospheric beasts will begin the attack then the creature of the dark will come out of the hole. We must set up tanks and guns around the hole to prepare. Huzzah I am Winston, John Winston.

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