ORBL UFO Over Grantham UK

Yet another Orange Ball of Light (ORBL) sightings over the UK.

This time over Grantham, Lincolnshire Saturday night. Twenty-nine year old Jackie Forbes of Harris Way went out to her garden a touch after 10:30 pm on June 20th and saw an orange ball of light for about one minute before it disappeared.

“It was travelling at the speed of an aeroplane but it was bigger and orange. Sometimes the planes at night have flashing lights on but this was constant.

The something else dropped from underneath the plane.

It was really weird. It definitely wasn’t a shooting star or a meteor.

I think somebody else out there must have seen it.”

www.granthamjournal.co.uk collected several other reports froms over the weekend of strange orange glowing object in the sky.

One of an “orange and red ball in the sky” over Springfield Park Saturday night and another Sunday about 6pm.

Of course the Orange Balls of Light Chinese Lantern Theory (ORBLCLT) is brought up at the end of the article, but we have come to expect that.

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2 thoughts on “ORBL UFO Over Grantham UK

  1. I’m living in Etterbeek – Brussels – Belgium.

    As I remember, in about 3 years ago on a day of early summer with blue sky no cloud no wind, time at around 1300 – 1400 (can’t remember the exact hour), me and my neighbor having a chat in our terrace, I try to look up and enjoy the blue sky, (because in Belgium is rare to have blue sky), I saw an object with complete orange color (no shadow nor reflection) with perfect circle shape, stop at about 5-6 floors higher above my apartment with no sound, size about half size of a hot balloon, I asked my neighbor if she know what it is, but she said she don’t know. At that moment I told myself, “well maybe it’s a balloon”, then we continue our chatting, after a short while about a minute I looked up again, it’s gone can’t find it in the near area.
    The strange this is, if there’s no wind and if it is not mechanic object, how can it fly away with no machine noise?

    That’s my experience.

    P.S.: If I see it again next time, I’ll think in mind to ask them to land.

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