Orange Orbs Over Essex – June 26th 2009

More Orange Ball of Light (ORBL) sightings over the UK.

Whale In Space got this comment from a ORBL witness in Essex.

11.25 pm – 26th June 2009

Two orange orb lights floating in the sky one in front of other. First one stopped and seemed to wait for the second one then they were still for a couple of minutes. One disappeared and then after another minute the second one disappeared. took photos. Goodmayes Essex.

After a quick follow up email, Joanna Salsen, who posted the original quote, sent several photos and a video of the ORBLs. She added there were some clouds in the sky and no noise associated with the sighting.

If anyone else saw these two unidentified orange lights in the sky over Essex on Friday June 26th, email us the detail.

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11 thoughts on “Orange Orbs Over Essex – June 26th 2009

  1. 28.6.09 @ 22.20, 22.30, 22.37pm
    Grays, Essex

    Sat in the living room on 2nd floor flat watching “bodyshock half ton son” tv. When i looked up to the window and seen two bright orange firery balls. When we went to the window one ball(1) was in front of number two ball (2) i ran to get my camera and went downstairs to take pictures when i notice that (1) had stop still and (2) was catching up when they both was in a straight line (2) stop still in line. They stayed in the sky for 2minutes and (1) gradually went further into the atomasphere and disapeared the same happen to (2) few seconds later. There was no noise from the sky,no stars or clouds but one plane which we could see was totally different as it was flashing lights and had a vapour trail and not bright orange. Came upstairs for a quick fag as both still in shock, we then came back into the lounge and spoted the orange balls again this time there was 3 orange balls moving very fast coming from an eastily direction adjasant to the river. We then both ran back down stairs and kept on taking photos, and got chating to some neighbours who could also see what was happening. THis time all three objects did the same by going into a straight line and then moved apart from each other when the formed a triangle shape and gradually one by one in a clockwise direction disapeared into the atmosphere. We both stayed outside talking to the neighbours when 7minutes later 2 more orange balls apeared from the same direction follwed by another one stortly after. THey also gradually came to a hault in line, to which the left and the right ones moved upwards and outwards to from another triangle. 2 minutes or so later they started to disapear in a clockwise direction up into the atmosphere. We waited around for a further 20minutes outside but have seen nothing else.
    We have also got photos of all 3 episodes. Please let us know if you have any other reports.

  2. I am seeing the same thing up in oldham i have about 60 videos on youtube under springhead ufo. In the last month i am seeing this like 20 times a night.something big is happening. not many people have seen this but i have just been contacted by the oldham advertiser which is a free newspaper so hopefully people will be looking.

  3. We have just seen the exact same things here in heywood.Two orange lights no sound following each other for a few mins the the one one behind blinked out followed by the one in front these are not planes i know that much.

  4. i live in kelvedon essex i was just out in the garden when i saw a bright orange light the date is 26th of october 2009 and time 19:45 andat first i thought it to be a firework then realised it was something ealse i watched it for a couple of mins there was no noise it move straight up slowly then made an instant 90 degree turn and slowly faded out i cant explain what it was!!!!!

  5. We were on the M11 yesterday coming up to the Harlow junction and there were at least 10 orb like objects floating in the sky, no noise to imply they were flying machines of some sort, they were following each along the sky and seemed to come from the same point on the ground, if anyone is able to explain these I would love to know. Any special events that may have taken place in that area, a fireworks display was also taking place on the opposite side of the M11 so whether these effects were man made I do not know, no noise, no apparent equipment attached to the glow, no engine, just roundish shapes with light and control over where they were going, can anyone shed light on this?

    17.07.2010. M11 from A406 direction towards Harlow

  6. I live in Harlow and I saw the same orange lights in the sky and I really don’t know what to make of them. They moved slowly but keeping together at the same time. As Lucy has stated above, maybe a firework display but that wouldn’t explain the no noise as most fireworks are loud. It is a mystery and I’m still checking the skies at night to see if I can spot this happening again.

  7. UFO spotted. Described as two orange lights with no sound following each other at an altitude of about 300M over Castle Hedingham Essex travelling East to West at 11.00pm on 3rd March.

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