Phantom Kangaroos

Micah A. Hanks of has a great blog entry concerning the phenomenon he calls “Screaming Kangaroos: Large Anomalous Marsupials in the USA?“.

It seems weird kangaroo like creatures have been reported in the US going back as far as 1934, with a sighting by several residents of Tennessee.

Then in October of 1974, multiple sightings of a kangaroo have been documented in around Chicago, Illinois and a famous sighting in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin that resulted in a popular photo (which I can’t seem to find online).

These sightings said to be documented in Jerome Clark’s Unexplained!: 347 Strange Sightings, Incredible Occurrences, and Puzzling Physical Phenomena, which I just ordered from Amazon.

Sightings continued into the 80’s with reports from California and people today continue to report seeing kangaroo or kangaroos like creatures where there should be any.

So what are phantom kangaroos?

Another cryptid that is being mistaken for kangaroo?

A werewolf or chupacabra (the kangaroos were thought have killed pets and other animals in the 1934 Tennessee incident, very chupacabra-like)?

Or something else totally different? Of course the doubters will tell us they we normal kangaroos, escaped from zoo or the circus.

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