Sandy Mountain Festival – Sasquatchploitation

About 30 miles east of Portland the residents of Sandy, Oregon, prepare for their annual Sandy Mountain Festival, July 11th and 12th, and some undeniable and blatant sasquatchploitation is in full swing. Sandy is a town in Clackamas County of approximately 8000 people on the Sandy River in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains and Mount Hood. A quick search reported bigfoot sightings in Clackamas County of BFRO’s database turns up a collection of Class A and Class B sightings.

Their local newspaper, the Sandy Post ran several strange articles concerning the Sasquatch Sightings contest, where $100 can be won if your entry form is randomly drawn by this Festival Queen.

Below are two of the articles.
Hunt is on for Sasquatch Jr. – June 9, 2009

Hunt intensifies for Sasquatch Jr. – June 23, 2009

And who found Sasquatch Jr. and collected the $100 prize?
Eight-teen year old Sandy High School graduate Zachary Funk.

If you are planning on attending the Sandy Mountain Festival, you had best make your reservations to stay at the Bigfoot Lodge and Trailer Park now.

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