DNA Tests On Possible Lake Monster

Ogopogo, a possible plesiosaur
Ogopogo, a possible plesiosaur

The Daily Courier, out of Kelowna British Columbia, reports two scientists have agreed to analyze the remains of a possible lake monster carcass, found by a kayaker on the shore of Okanagan Lake BC in mid June.

Okanagan Lake is the home of Ogopogo, a lake monster with thousands of sightings dating back to 1872. www.ogopogoquest.com has a small collection of the sightings online.

Ogopogo is described as your classic Loch Ness Monster/plesiosaur type creature and has quite the following, including being featured on a Canadian postage stamp and the mascot for Kelowna’s Western Hockey League team, the Kelowna Rockets.

The names of the scientists have not been released to protect their privacy.

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3 thoughts on “DNA Tests On Possible Lake Monster

  1. We must capture the creature and interrogate it for many moons. We must find out what it knows about the eventual creature invasion/. Cheese will be aplenty. Huzzah I am Winston, John Winston.

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