Alien Abduction Insurance

In January 2009, we posted an article about buying UFO insurance for your home, car, and property, but what about alien abduction insurance? Esther November wrote a great article that is posted on exploring the idea of getting insurance protecting you against alien abduction, possibly with the payout doubling if you are impregnated with an alien baby.

The UFO Abduction Insurance Company offers a policy with a single lifetime premium $19.95. Payout is $10,000,000 and requires the signature of an authorized onboard alien on a claim form to collect.

British Insurance managing director Simon Burgess claims he has sold over 30,000 policies, mostly to Californians, who paid $100 each to insure themselves in case they were abducted by aliens. He has also sold Loch Ness Monster Attack insurance.

Loch Ness Monster Found On Google Earth

Loch Ness Monster Found On Google Earth
Loch Ness Monster Found On Google Earth

In 2008, it was rumored that possibly the Loch Ness Monster has died, killed by global warming. has declared that Nessie is back, found by a security guard while looking on Google Earth.

The image can be seen by entering coordinates Latitude 57°12’52.13″N, Longitude 4°34’14.16″W into Google Earth.

Close Up of Google Earths Loch Ness Monster Picture
Close Up of Google Earths Loch Ness Monster Picture

China's Lake Monsters

On July 5th, ten tourists who were visiting China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, reported seeing a giant black creature that created waves over 3 feet high and left a wake over 30 feet long for about 20 seconds from their boat on Kanas Lake.

Kanas Lake is China’s deepest freshwater lake with a depth of over 600 feet and 15 miles long. It is located in the Kanas Nature Reserve in the Aletai mountain area of northern Xinjiang and has been the source of numerous lake monster sightings, particularly since the 1980s when tourism brought many visitors to the lake.

Kanas Lake isn’t China’s only monster infested lake.

Lake Tianchi in northeast China’s Jilin Province has had reports going back to 1903, with an impressive sighting involving over 100 tourists, who saw two black-colored, unidentified creatures in China’s deepest mountain lake on August 19, 2007.

Qinghai Lake is north of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and is China’s largest landlocked lake. The Qinghai Lake monster has been seen by dozens of witnesses, including a lama who reported a dragon like monster in 1947 and a 1949 sighting of a giant creature with a snake like head and glistening scales.

Changtan, a lake located in Shennongjia, in western Hubei Province, is the home of a giant sea monster with grey skin, oblate head, giant eyes and five toes on the forelimb, matching the classic Loch Ness Monster, Okanagan Lake in Canada, and Lake Champlain Monster description.

Wenbu Lake in Kunzha County, China’s Tibet Autonomous Region covers over 320 square miles and has reports of a creature with a small head, big eyes, long neck and grey and black skin.

DNA Tests On Possible Lake Monster

Ogopogo, a possible plesiosaur
Ogopogo, a possible plesiosaur

The Daily Courier, out of Kelowna British Columbia, reports two scientists have agreed to analyze the remains of a possible lake monster carcass, found by a kayaker on the shore of Okanagan Lake BC in mid June.

Okanagan Lake is the home of Ogopogo, a lake monster with thousands of sightings dating back to 1872. has a small collection of the sightings online.

Ogopogo is described as your classic Loch Ness Monster/plesiosaur type creature and has quite the following, including being featured on a Canadian postage stamp and the mascot for Kelowna’s Western Hockey League team, the Kelowna Rockets.

The names of the scientists have not been released to protect their privacy.

Loch Ness without Nessie is like having a cheese sandwich without the cheese

While the point of Donald Wilson’s article Monster curse threat after Nessie snub, published 27 November, 2008, is a elusive as old Nessie herself, it does produce my favorite Loch Ness Monster quote from paranormal researcher Kevin Carlyon, who is the self-styled protector of the monster.

Loch Ness without Nessie is like having a cheese sandwich without the cheese.

Mr Carlyon was responding to comments by United Nations consultant Chris Pound who has completed an initial report on the area’s bid to be included on the UK government’s shortlist of World Heritage Status nominations for 2012 but wanted to leave mention of the Loch Ness Monster sighting out of the bid.

Carlyon in the past has cast spells (which seem to be working) on the loch to prevent Nessie hunters tracking down the elusive monster.